6 Most Embarrassing Things You Do In Front Of Your BFF & Laugh About Later

There's nothing quite like the relationship you have with your BFF. Sure, significant others and friends are fun — but with your best friend, you can truly let all of your guards down. She loves you for you, and that means even on your worst days, too. It's pretty amazing what kind of bond keeps two friends together when they're so, so, cringe-y. But, I guess that's all of us. And no matter what embarrassing things you do in front of your friend, one thing's for sure — it will always keep you laughing.

You know the kind of embarrassing I'm talking about. It's the "OMG, what just happened?!" kind of embarrassing. The kind that, if it happened with anyone else, you just might feel like crawling into some tiny, dark hole because your face is so red. But since it's happened in front of your best friend, you only have to put up with laughter — forever.

You might try to hide it, but we've all done some pretty embarrassing things in front of our best friends. Chances are, you're probably going to do it again — and hey, it's all part of life. If you've been friends with her long enough, you may have even hit all six things on this list — so congratulations, you've reached a new level of friendship.

ALL Of The Drunk Confessions

My 21-and-up ladies out there have probably already been there, done that, right? Your bestie's volunteered to the be the night's designated driver, so you decide to unleash a world of secrets on her after a couple of vodka sodas (like that time you "borrowed' her shirt, ruined it, and had to replace it before she noticed). Also, never forget that time you almost forgot your were cat-sitting for her. OOPS. You better believe she's taking all of the videos. This will follow you forever, girl.

FaceTiming Her When You're Stressed AF During Finals Week (With Pizza Crumbs On Your Face)

Of course, there's nothing particularly embarrassing about getting a little stressed here and there. But get back to me after you've FaceTimed your BFF in the middle of finals week, bearing her witness to an excessively caffeinated voice, and who-knows-what's-still-on-your-chin from when you snacked on pizza and garlic knots mid-studying. Just wait until you see the screenshots she kept — pure evil.

Bawling Your Eyes Out About Your Favorite TV Show

Hey, there's no shame here whatsoever. Sometimes, you get really attached to a television show character. And sometimes, your "best friend" just doesn't understand. So, when she finds out this is TV-related and not real-life drama, she smirks, hands you tissues for the mascara running down your face, and stifles her laughter while you cry your eyes out. I'm only partially speaking from experience. This is Us ruined me, OK?!

Tripping And Falling As You Try To Make Your Move

Picture this — you're over 21, and you and the BFF are out celebrating at your favorite bar. A few vodka sodas later, you're ready to make a move on that attractive human you saw when you walked in. Your bestie pep talks you into doing it... then bursts into laughter as you get up from the table and promptly trip, spilling the drink all over said cute person.

Taking Your Chances And Going For That High Note

... And really missing it. Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about. You're singing in the car with your BFF, driving who knows where, when THAT part of the song comes on. You want to show her up with your supposed phenomenal vocal performance — but you just end up squeaking. Flatly. You can never live this gem down, but it's pretty hilarious.

When You Leave Your Social Media Accounts Open And She Does Some Hardcore Stalking

Don't forget, we were lucky enough to grow up with social media. Ha — lucky. Who ever let me get near Facebook in the seventh grade?!

She's not your BFF if she doesn't tear through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram ripping your posts to shreds. Note to self: Put all the things on private — like, ASAP. She's not going to ignore that picture of middle school you smiling at Disneyland rockin' high-waters.