6 Coolest Spots In Barcelona Every Study Abroad Student Needs To Know About

Let's be honest: You've gotten into a routine on campus. On weekdays, you hit up your local coffee shop to grab your favorite brew before class. You're involved in extracurriculars, and spend late nights in the library studying with your roomies. But, that's all about to change, because you're studying abroad. That's right — in just a few weeks, you'll be jet-setting to Spain for one of the most enriching experiences ever. Here are some of the coolest spots in Barcelona that every study abroad student needs to know about, for a semester that's as sweet as the fresh fruit in the market.

Right now, you're gearing up for the semester and reading through guide books in your spare time to get an idea of what this incredible city is all about. Your best friends from college have told you about the string lights hanging over the squares and the warm waves at the beach. You've done a little bit of research and discovered that there's a museum full of art from Picasso, and a vibrantly-colored church called La Sagrada Familia, too.

Soon enough, you'll be hopping on the plane and flying across an ocean to experience this place for yourself. Be sure to check out these six spots while you're there, OK?

The Fresh Smoothies At La Boqueria
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First things first: Let's talk about food. (That's always a good place to start when you're traveling, right?) As you might already know, this city is home to some of the tastiest cuisine in the world. The flavors in every bite of paella are rich, and the tapas are so fresh that you'll want to keep ordering more.

If you're studying abroad, then you should know about the smoothies at La Boqueria. This is a giant market with fresh produce, meats, and cheeses everywhere you look. Take a walk through the aisles, and pick up a bright orange or red smoothie as you go.

The Golden Hour At The Arc De Triomf
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During your semester abroad, make it a point to visit the Arc de Triomf at least a couple of times. Maybe you'll be lucky, and pass by it on your way to class or a new restaurant by the beach.

The Arc de Triomf radiates warm tones that are picture-perfect right around the golden hour. But, don't just look at it through a camera lens. Stop at its base and admire the exquisite details in the architecture.

The Sunset Views And Mosaics At Park Güell
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One of the most popular places to scope out in Barcelona is Park Güell. Odds are, you and your study abroad friends will see this site within the first week or two. You'll grab a ticket to the park, and wait in line for your entry time. Then, you'll roam around the staircases and layers of mosaics, designed by Gaudí.

If you can, plan your visit around the sunset, so that you can see the sky turn into a saturated palette of blues, purples, and pinks. Pose for a picture or two with the buildings in the background, and you'll get some quality #content for the 'Gram, too.

The Sandwiches At Bo De B
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Long after you leave this city, you'll long for the sandwiches at Bo de B. To this day, I'm still daydreaming about that very first bite and the aromas of the quaint shop located right near the beach. (Does anyone have a plane ticket to spare? Please!)

At Bo de B, you walk along the counter and pick out what you want on your sandwich. There are rices, fresh slices of cucumber, feta cheeses, and perfectly ripe tomatoes. Be sure to get a side order of the patatas bravas, too!

The Fountain At The Parc De La Ciutadella
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Going to the beach in between classes is always a good idea when you're studying in Barcelona. But, you can also soak up the sun and some culture of the city at the Parc de la Ciutadella.

This park is filled with sculptures, large ponds, and serene spots to take in all the views. The best part, though, is by far the fountain that stands in the middle of the scenery. It's truly exquisite.

The Zara Stores On Every Corner
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Studying abroad gives your closet a serious upgrade. You've likely shopped the racks of fashion-forward jackets and trendy jeans at Zara before. But, nothing quite compares to the storefronts on every corner in Barcelona.

Start your shopping on La Rambla, a street lined with major retailers and cute boutiques, and be prepared to swipe your credit card many times. Pro tip: Leave some extra room in your suitcase for the clothes (and other souvenirs) you're going to buy while you're there.