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6 Cool Things To Do In LA With Friends Who Are Visiting & Want To Feel Like Locals

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When you have friends coming to town, you're beyond thrilled. This is your time to show them all the local hot spots and your favorite hidden gems. There are always the tourist attractions you could take them to, but you want to give your crew a really cool experience they'll never forget. Trying to think outside of the box can be difficult when you don't have a game plan going into the weekend. That's why you need this list of really cool things to do in L.A. with friends who are visiting and want to feel like locals. Consider the hard work done for you.

My sister visits me in L.A. at least once a year. Of course, we always do the things she loves but can't do in Florida, like eat at In-N-Out and see the Hollywood sign. However, I don't want our sisterly time to be the same old routine. That's why I always switch things up. After taking her to the touristy spots she loves and my personal favorites, I started coming up with new itineraries.

If you're looking for a special time in L.A. that's different from everyone else, you might want to check out any of these six unique activities. Maybe you'll stumble upon even more cool experiences during your adventuring.

Visit The Exposition Park Rose Garden For The Most Beautiful Blooms
Rachel Chapman

Exposition Park has a ton of museums you can check out on any given day in L.A. I personally love seeing the Space Shuttle at the California Science Center since I grew up in Cape Canaveral, but there's something else you should see as well.

The Rose Garden in Exposition Park is a must for anyone who likes to stop and smell the roses. Walk through rows and rows of gorgeous rose bushes and snap a few selfies together in front of the blooms.

Stroll Through The Art Walk In Downtown And Snap A Pic (Or A Few)

There are more than a few picture-perfect walls throughout L.A. For instance, there's the iconic pink Paul Smith Wall on Melrose that's necessary for your Instagram feed. There's also the Art Walk in downtown L.A. the second Thursday of the month that's worth checking out. You never know what kind of art you may see and want to snap a selfie in front of.

Get Latte Art At Carrera Cafe
Rachel Chapman

During your L.A. adventures, you'll eventually want to chill and grab some coffee. That's why I recommend stopping at Carrera Cafe on Melrose Ave. It's an extremely Instagrammable spot with delicious croissants and pastries, but their latte art really takes the spotlight. You can give them any photo you want, and they'll put it in the foam. I've done pictures of myself and celebrities before, and they make for quality content.

Have Pancakes At The Griddle Cafe For A Foodie's Dream Come True

One of the first places I had brunch when I visited L.A. was The Griddle Cafe in Hollywood. If you're obsessed with pancakes, you'll instantly fall in love with this place. They have giant stacks of pancakes that are stuffed and topped with pretty much everything your heart could desire. (You might want to split some with your friends because they really are huge.)

Hike To The Wisdom Tree For Gorgeous Views Of The Skyline

Your friends' L.A. trip won't be complete without at least one hike. The Griffith Observatory and Hollywood Sign are really popular places to hike to, which is why you should check out the Wisdom Tree instead. It's a singular tree sitting on top of the hill with a gorgeous view of the city skyline. Once you reach the top, take a moment to reflect on the good times you've had with your friends and the potential adventures to come.

Get Boba Tea At Boba Guys And Snap A Sippin' Selfie
Rachel Chapman

You may want to make a pit stop for boba tea, and I highly recommend Boba Guys. This place has delicious drinks, including a strawberry matcha latte that's also Instagram-worthy when it first comes to you, because it shows the three different layers you have to mix together. There's also the refreshing strawberry jasmine tea fresca if you want something on the lighter side.

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