6 Christmas Engagement Rings Under $200 That'll Make You Feel Like A Snow Queen

by Tessa Harvey

Hear me out: Christmas is one of the most romantic times of the year — at least for engagements it is. So many people get engaged during this season of the year, and it makes sense. You're surrounded by loved ones, the cold weather is making you feel snuggly, and you're giving gifts, so... yeah, engagement ring. And if you haven't noticed, a lot of Christmas songs are either about making up or breaking up; it's a thing. But you're ahead of the game, because you know even Christmas engagement rings don't have to break the bank to be gorgeous.

So many girls dream of their perfect ring and, TBH, there's no shame in that at all. But little did we know we can get that perfect ring for a way more affordable price. Plus, if you lose it, you can be considerably less worried (just saying, at least for me, misplacing my ring will be inevitable). And there's nothing to worry about — going under budget on your ring does not mean it'll be any less beautiful.

In fact, these six Christmas engagement rings are so beautiful you might just have to hold back a tear or two. No one's judging; it's just the Christmas spirit getting to you.

You Had Me At Rose Gold

7mm Round Morganite Engagement Ring Rose Gold Plated, $168, Etsy

Seriously, who can get enough rose gold? If you know someone you can't stand rose gold, lemme meet them. I just want to talk. This ring is stunning, and you know you just imagined it on your finger.

A Ring As One-Of-A-Kind As Your Love

2.0 Art Deco Engagement Ring, $84.25, Etsy

I love this little ring because the art deco style is so unique right now. No one you know will have anything quite like it. There's so much to appreciate about it, and it makes a beautiful statement without claiming the world's attention (which is good too, sometimes).

Make Everyone Do A Double Take

2.25 ctw Oval Double Halo Engagement Ring, $199.97, Etsy

So maybe you can't afford the actual rock that Offset gave Cardi B (her finger must feel insanely heavy, right?), but you can get some inspo from her look with this pretty ring. If you're into the bigger the better, this shiny piece is for you.

There's Something About The Shape

1 ctw 3/4 ct Pear Halo Engagement Ring, Classic Halo Ring, Man Made Diamond Simulants, Wedding Ring, Sterling Silver, Rose Gold Plated, $89.97, Etsy

This ring combines the best of both worlds: you get the halo style that everyone is so crazy about right now, and there's the unique effect of the pear shape. Or teardrop, if that's your style. And yes, that is a little hint of rose gold you see on this one, too.

If You Want To Keep It Reserved

Cascading Leafs alternative engagement ring, $195, Etsy

Maybe you want to avoid the big glitz and glamour that comes with the halo style ring, or the eye-grabbing attention of a serious rock. This pretty little ring is perfect for you. It's understated but beautiful, and ornate leaves are an ideal detail for close looks.

For The Most Unique Bride-To-Be

Rare Alexandrite & Herkimer Diamond ring, $136.78, Etsy

This beautiful ring is uniquely stunning; you'd be hard-pressed to find anything quite like it. Even better? The stone changes color in the light, transitioning from a dark purple to a blue.