Brides-To-Be Share Why They Made Their Fiancés Get Them A New Engagement Ring

Even if you've spent more time gawking at engagement rings on Pinterest or Instagram, it doesn't mean you'll actually get the jewel of your dreams when the time comes.

Your fiancé-to-be may go ring shopping without asking you, or they might your loyal pals (who should know very well what your ring preferences are) for help. Or maybe they get creative and give you an heirloom ring or one they've given someone else before.

But no matter how creative and thoughtful your future fiancé tries to be, sometimes, the ring they pick out just completely misses the mark.

Check out why these eight brides-to-be made their fiancé return the engagement ring and get a new one:

1. It was hideous.

I don't know what my fiancé was thinking. He got me a ring that was so hideous. I was so happy he proposed, and then, he showed me the ring, and I was like, 'Oh. Oh, no.' That made him want to get me a new ring because he saw I was miserable.

— Vanessa D., 28

2. I had a different one in mind.

You know, every girl has a dream ring. I figured he'd ask my mom or sister about my ring style. I gave them plenty of photos and ideas. He did not ask anyone. I was not in love with the ring, and finally, I said something, so he took me to get a new ring.

— Ciara D., 26

3. It wasn't big enough.

I got a new ring because my fiancé got me one that was just one carat. Like hello, I won't wear one that is less than two.

— Tracy W., 34

4. I didn't want to get married.

I don't think I ever wanted to get married. My fiancé at the time got me a ring, and it was nice and everything, but I wasn't in love with it, and that made me realize I wasn't in love with him. At first, I gave him the ring back on the terms that he'd get me a new one I liked. But then, I told him to just keep the ring because I didn't want to go through with getting married.

— Rachel C., 35

5. It was the one he gave his ex.

I loved the ring I got. But then, I was out with my fiancé's friends one night, and one of them accidentally told me it was the same ring he gave to his ex who broke off their engagement. I ripped it off my finger, tossed it on the floor and demanded a new one by the end of the week.

— Brenda M., 31

6. I couldn't decide what I liked.

It was my fault my fiancé gave the ring back and got me a new one. I couldn't figure out what I liked. I'd go look at rings and then change my mind constantly. A ring is forever, and I wanted the perfect one.

— Mary G., 28

7. My BFF got a similar ring.

It was so weird because my fiancé proposed the week after my best friend got proposed to, and our rings were identical. I'd think the guys bought them together, but they don't know each other that well. I didn't want to post a picture of my ring on Facebook because I didn't want people to think I copied her. I was upset and embarrassed, and then, my fiancé finally offered to get me a different style.

— Erin V., 31

8. It was his mom's ring.

My fiancé gave me his mom's engagement ring. It sounds so cute and everything, but his mom and I do not get along. I mean, come on. Why would I want to wear her ring when I don't even like her? It makes no sense at all.

— Lydia Q., 29