Women Reveal Why They Made Their Fiancés Get Them New Engagement Rings


Even if you've spent more time gawking at engagement rings on Pinterest or Instagram, it doesn't mean you'll actually get the jewel of your dreams when the time comes.

Your fiancé-to-be may go ring shopping without asking you, or they might your loyal pals (who should know very well what your ring preferences are) for help. Or maybe they get creative and give you an heirloom ring or one they've given someone else before.

But no matter how creative and thoughtful your future fiancé tries to be, sometimes, the ring they pick out just completely misses the mark.

Check out why these eight brides-to-be made their fiancé return the engagement ring and get a new one:

1. It was hideous.

— Vanessa D., 28

2. I had a different one in mind.

— Ciara D., 26

3. It wasn't big enough.

— Tracy W., 34

4. I didn't want to get married.

— Rachel C., 35

5. It was the one he gave his ex.

— Brenda M., 31

6. I couldn't decide what I liked.

— Mary G., 28

7. My BFF got a similar ring.

— Erin V., 31

8. It was his mom's ring.

— Lydia Q., 29