6 Christmas Card Ideas If You’re Single & DGAF

Being single during the holidays can feel like a special kind of torture. Sure, everything is merry and bright — when you have someone to snuggle by the fire. If you don't, it can feel like everywhere you turn, couples are holding hands in the snow and kissing under the mistletoe. And thanks to holiday cards, you can't even check the mail without being reminded that everyone but you is happily married, engaged, or expecting. Rather than being bitter, take advantage of your single status (and your camera's self timer) and these Christmas card ideas to make your own solo holiday card. Who needs bae when you have a brilliant sense of humor?

While your friends and neighbors are all sending out the same smiling photo captioned with "Season's Greetings," your message will stand out. You're guaranteed to win Christmas and keep people talking through the New Year with a personalized card that is both hilarious and maybe a tad too honest. If you need ideas, I've got you covered. Here are six holiday card pictures you can take if you're single this year. So pull out your Christmas sweater and grab a few bottles of wine, because 'tis the season to be independent.

1. A funny family shot.

If your family still lets you in on their card without a SO, don't cower behind your brother-in-law. Stand up and be proud of your single self, because simply being you is a huge accomplishment. Take a page from Emily's book, and you'll have everyone you know laughing out loud.

2. A single lady celebration.


If you have friends who also didn't participate in cuffing season (whether by choice or circumstance), consider sending out a joint card. This cute and creative holiday greeting says "I'm not alone when I'm with you." Don't forget to channel your inner Beyoncé in front of the camera.

3. An announcement with your one true love.


Whether it's pizza, guac, or wine, we all have something that has been there for us all along. Pizza doesn't cheat on you, and wine is always up for a tear-filled chick-flick marathon. Celebrate this relationship and share your happiness with the world by sending out an intimate holiday card featuring photos of you and your soulmate.

4. A card from you, yourself, and you again.


If you're good with Photoshop, you can craft a card consisting of versions of yourself in different outfits and poses. Gather around the table like Bridget, or decorate the tree with your doubles. It's like you actually have people to share your life with... well, almost.

5. A meow-y Christmas and a yappy New Year.


If you have a cat or a dog, splurge a little and pose with them for some professional photos. Just like on Tinder, you can't go wrong with a picture of your pet.

6. A card that calls out your ex.


If your ex did something really terrible, consider putting them on blast with a personalized card like this one. While this route isn't for everyone, you do you. Sure, it's petty, but so was Dave. Can I get an amen?

This time of year can be hard when you're single, but laughter is the best medicine. Poke a little fun at your situation, and maybe your family members will stop trying to set you up — at least until next year. Happy holidays, from one single gal to another.

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