Match Makes 'Singles Greetings' Holiday Cards A Thing, So Take That, Couples


As every person who's ever been single knows, the holidays can be one giant, in-your-face advertisement for COUPLES, LOVE, SNOWY KISSES, CUDDLING, DIAMOND RINGS, EVERYTHING YOU DON'T HAVE BUT DESPERATELY WANT.

You can only be so strong, until that ninth couple's Christmas card — highlighting all of the "perfect" and "incredible" memories the two shared in 2016 — assaults your mailbox.

And then? You want to friggin' scream.

"Singles are traumatized during the holidays, and there's not one holiday bigger than the one that's coming up," says Helen Fisher, PhD, a biological anthropologist and chief scientific advisor for Match.

"You see all these other people who have brought their SO's home or to the party — and you're going alone. It's a time of vibrant self-consciousness of who you are, what you don't have and what you'd like to have."

That's why this year, Match is letting singles have their moment with their "Singles Greetings" — holiday cards for the unattached that let you share all of the great accomplishments YOU achieved in 2016, ahem, without a plus one.


The cards, like former ABC "Bachelorette" Ashley Iaconetti's above, feature festive designs and can be customized with your funny, sassy, or true AF updates. ("A funny thing I heard this year was me saying I'd cry only 3 times during Bachelor in Paradise." HA!)

If you're blanking on what to write, the cards' prompts help you think of professional and personal moments to highlight.


Once your masterpiece is finished, you can download and print it out to send to friends and family, or share it on social media (with the hashtag #SinglesGreetings).

"I think these cards are a great way to encourage yourself to look at some of the things you've done and done well, so that you can put your best foot forward and feel better about yourself," says Fisher.

"And, it enables you to be more a part of the holiday spirit."


Of course, boasting about your own accomplishments can feel SUPER awkward. Like, "Hi, no one will care that I got a promotion this year. I'm not about to mail a card to Aunt Linda that says that."

But think about it this way: If couple's get to snail mail you all of their lovey-dovey wins, you should be able to do the same. In fact, Fisher says your friends and family are probably eager to hear from you this time of year.

"Christmas is a family holiday, a friendship holiday. We expect cards at Christmas, so it's a great time to gather your resources, understand some of your achievements, and toot your own horn a little in a very charming and entertaining way."

Christmas is a family holiday, a friendship holiday.

Plus, when you recall all of those couples' holiday cards clogging your mailbox, it's really true that saying the same thing over the phone, text or in person just doesn't come across as... well, thankful.

And hey, at the very least, you can use these greeting cards to your advantage by letting potential matches in your social network know you are SINGLE and ready to MINGLE underneath that mistletoe, baby.

"It's a great way to flirt with somebody and inform them that you're still available," Fisher explains.

Ow, owww! You see that, news feed?

Now, if those aren't enough reasons to stop being a single Grinch and embrace the positive, humblebrag vibes this holiday, then I don't know what is.