These Airbnb Castles Will Make You Feel Royal, So Grab Your Wine Goblet

If you're anything like me, you probably spent your childhood make-believing you were a prince or princess. You would one day inherit a kingdom, reside in a gorgeous castle, enjoy delicious feasts on the daily, and host elaborate balls where you'd meet the prince or princess who would sweep you off your feet. Even though that fantasy might not have played out in real life, these castles on Airbnb will make me — and you — feel like pure royalty. They truly are a dream come true.

Europe is home to many castles in a ton of different countries, including France, England, Scotland, Croatia, and Italy. Some of them are perfect for just you and your family or a double date vacay, while others are big enough for you and your closest 15 friends. You can enjoy the breathtaking scenery around you, walk or drive to the big cities that surround the serene countryside, try out delicacies that are made on or near the property — including Italian wine — bike around the grounds, and much more.

If you're looking to treat yourself and take an epic vacay to remember, consider booking one of these six beautiful castles on Airbnb. Your fairy tale adventure awaits.

This Castle In The Loire Valley Is What Dreams Are Made Of

This incredible castle in France's Loire Valley is the perfect place for you (and potentially 15 of your closest friends) to escape for a bit. It's in the countryside so you'll enjoy the most peaceful retreat, but according to the Airbnb listing, it's also a two-hour drive away from Paris so you can head into the city if you'd like.

Closer to the castle, you can enjoy the attractions in places like Chambord, Cheverny, and Amboise, and of course, you have full access to the castle grounds. Take a dip in the pool and stroll around the gardens for the most regal getaway yet.

Enjoy A Wine-Filled Italian Getaway At This Castle

For wine aficionados who are looking for a beautiful Italian getaway reminiscent of Under the Tuscan Sun, this gorgeous castle in Monselice is worth a visit. According to the Airbnb listing, the castle was "built on the ruins of an ancient monastery," and you can use their provided bicycles to explore. Plus, there's a thermal lake you can take a dip in, a heated pool that's open year-round, and in true Italian fashion, wine to try in their cellars (by request only).

Transport Yourself To 18th Century Scotland In This Castle

If you're thinking of booking a castle getaway, this may be exactly what you have in mind. This breathtaking 18th century property is a beautiful place to retreat to, and Edinburgh's city center is just a quick 20-minute drive away. Multiple reviews mention the bar in the library, so that's definitely something worth checking out while you're there.

This Castle In Scotland Is Perfect For You And 13 Friends

This stunning Airbnb in Fife, Scotland is perfect for you and potentially 13 of your friends. From the sculptures and artwork, to the lavish bathtubs, to the grand drive leading to the castle itself, you'll certainly feel fancy AF staying here.

With six bedrooms, 10 beds, and five bathrooms, you'll have more than enough space for a cozy and peaceful Scottish retreat. And don't be intimidated by the price point: If you and your friends decide to make a trip out of staying here, you'll each only spend around $54 per night.

This Croatian Castle Is Beyond Charming

If you've been longing to visit Croatia, you consider booking your stay at this beautiful castle. It's situated in the heart of Pučišća, a charming little town with lots of history. A previous guest noted you can walk anywhere in town from this central location.

Enjoy your breakfast or early dinners out in the sun on the terrace, and spend your days walking around town. That sounds pretty picture-perfect to me.

This Gatehouse In England Makes For A Unique Castle Stay

This castle gatehouse in the heart of England's scenic Cotswolds area is a unique place to stay that you and your family or tight circle of friends can enjoy. According to the Airbnb listing, you can walk to the charming Winchcombe village from the gatehouse. Enjoy meals out on the patio and spend the days you're not in the town wandering around the castle's vast grounds.