These Black Sand Beaches Are Mysteriously Beautiful & You Need To Visit Them

by Ciara Johnson

Once the warm weather rolls around, everyone's game to hit up the beach. Beaches are the perfect place to unwind and escape life's daily responsibilities. With so many beaches around the world, it may be difficult to decide where you should go. Before you plan your vacation, you might want to consider visiting a black sand beach. Sure, it might not be the norm, but it can be just as special as a white sand beach. In fact, it can be even more beautiful, because it's rare. These black sand beaches to visit during the summer will honestly take your breath away.

There's something so magical about a black sand beach. According to, black sand is most popularly formed by fragments of lava and volcanic minerals. The jet black sand tends to glisten in the sun and it's a completely different experience than your typical beach. I can't forget to mention that the striking color is perfect for posing on the 'Gram.

Sometimes you have to get off the beaten path for an extraordinary experience, and that's certainly the case when it comes to hunting down black sand beaches around the world. It may look a bit unusual at first sight, but it's only a matter of time before you being to appreciate this phenomenon.

Punalu'u Beach In Big Island, Hawaii
Devesh Sahai on YouTube

This gorgeous black sand beach in Hawaii contains tiny particles of lava. Punalu'u is a stark contrast from Hawaii's sandy white beaches, and it's certainly worth the trip. Once you've captured that Insta-worthy photo, you can go for a swim if the currents aren't strong, do some snorkeling, and chill with the turtles. (Keep in mind you should never feed the turtles or attempt to touch them.) Be sure to save space on your camera roll to capture the adorable sea turtles catching some rays on the sand.

Reynisfjara In Vik, Iceland
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Iceland is known for its otherworldly landscapes, and Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach is no exception. The black sand beach is a little over two hours away from the capital of Reykjavik, and it's absolutely breathtaking. Formed by volcanic rock, Reynisfjara is known for its strong waves and stacked Basalt columns. Soak up all of the beauty from a good distance, because the waves are very powerful.

Once you arrive, you might notice that this beach looks familiar. It's easy to see why this otherworldly destination was a filming spot for Game of Thrones, Noah, and Star Trek: Into Darkness, according to

Playa Negra In Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
Rali Gitano on YouTube

Playa Negra is the perfect spot for tourists who want to visit a different type of beach during their Costa Rican vacation. You can simply relax on the magnetic sand, go for a surf, or go snorkeling in the crystal blue waters. You'll definitely want to snap a few pictures for the 'Gram while you're relaxing at this black sand beach.

Kamari Beach In Santorini, Greece
Santorini Travel Advisor on YouTube

Santorini, Greece is known for its picturesque blue and white buildings, but the island also has a black sand beach that's worth visiting. Kamari's vivid black sand will seriously blow you away. You'll have a blast chilling at trendy beachside bars, getting active with some water sports, and swimming in the Mediterranean sea.

Keramas Beach In Gianyar, Bali
gede pasek on YouTube

The black sand at Bali's Keramas Beach is stunning. It's the perfect way to escape the crowds and enjoy a serene afternoon on the sand. Surfing and horseback riding are the way to go for those who are more adventurous. If you're in need of pure relaxation, you can kick back and watch the sunset as the waves come crashing in. You'll feel like you've stumbled upon a hidden gem once you arrive at Keramas Beach.

Anse Ceron In Le Precheur, Martinique
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Martinique has many beautiful beaches, and Anse Ceron is one of them. This black sand beach is perfect for the girl who wants to get away from it all. The beach is absolutely serene, thanks to the lush greenery, turquoise waters, and black sand.

Why not switch things up this summer? Hit up a black sand beach for an unforgettable experience.