6 Bath & Body Works Gift Sets Your Person Will Love To Get In Her Stocking

by Tessa Harvey

You can never buy too many gifts for your person. She's your best friend, biggest support system, and partner in crime all in one, which makes it super difficult to find the perfect present for her. You want to give her exactly what she's been hoping for, but she doesn't always come clean with that information so easily... and it ruins the surprise. It's a hard battle to win, especially when it comes down to just a few days before Christmas and you're still feeling unsure about what do get her. Some good news, though! You can't go wrong with a gift set, and your person will most likely love to receive any of these Bath & Body Works gift sets in her stocking this year.

Bath & Body Works has grown up with us ever since the days we'd hit up the mall with our girl crew in middle school to buy perfumes, lotions, and lip gloss that we'd use on the regular. This year, the gifts sets are rockin', and they're pretty affordable, too. And don't forget, there are always coupons to use at Bath & Body works when it comes time to check out. They also have some incredible deals currently going on for their candles that you simply cannot pass up.

So, don't wonder what to get your bestie this year. She'll love any of these six gifts sets. You can even build her your own version, but you've been warned — it's easy to get carried away.

For When She's Stressin' TFO
Bath & Body Works

Stress Relief- Eucalyptus & Spearmint Gift Set, $60, Bath & Body Works

This one instantly had us hooked with the chic marble-inspired tray and calming spearmint scent. It's pretty much impossible to not smile when receiving a gift set like this one, especially when it's actively de-stressing you. It's the priciest option on this gift guide, but with all of the great products it comes with, it's certainly worth every buck.

For When She's In Need Of Some Sunshine In Her Life
Bath & Body Works

Aromatherapy Happiness- Bergamont & Mandarin Be Happy Gift Set, $21, Bath & Body Works

We can't be happy all of the time. Even if your main girl is a relatively happy person, everyone can use a pick me up once in awhile. The vibrant colors make you feel like you're welcoming in the sunshine, and citrus is a great mood booster.

For The Main Squeeze Who Loves To Brunch
Bath & Body Works

Peach Bellini Let's Brunch! Gift Set, $12, Bath & Body Works

You can't go wrong with brunch, ever. Sleeping in, plus bottomless mimosas and a delicious stack of pancakes? Yeah, everyone's here for it.

This adorable gift set will remind your BFF of the best brunches the two of you have shared, and it will bring on the scent of her favorite breakfast drink. It's also only $12.50, so hey, you really can't ask for a more perfect gift set.

For The Holiday Enthusiast
Bath & Body Works

Santa's Favorites Silver Nugget Gift Set, $27, Bath & Body Works

Maybe she's the type of chick who starts counting down the days until next Christmas the second this year's celebration is over. Or maybe, she leaves her holiday decor up for months because she can't bear to let them go. She's also probably constantly baking something festive, and you know for a fact Christmas music has been playing in her house since Nov. 1. This gift set featuring Santa's faves is the one for her.

For The BFF Who Likes To Unwind In The Bath After A Hectic Day
Bath & Body Works

Fizzy Fun Penguin Bath Fizzy Gift Set, $24, Bath & Body Works

Who doesn't love a chance to unwind and let go of the day? You'll be giving your bestie the gift of relaxation when you pass on this trio of good-smelling bath fizzies. And let's talk about the packaging — she'll just love how cute the penguin is.

For The Bestie Who Appreciates Cat Naps
Bath & Body Works

Sleep — Lavender & Cedarwood Sleep Well Gift Set, $32, Bath & Body Works

Sometimes, the most frustrating thing that can happen routinely is not getting enough rest. Maybe she has a lot going on at work, or maybe her new apartment is hard for her to adjust to.

No matter what's bothering her, do your BFF a solid and give her this gift set that's sure to get her on her way to a rejuvenating sleep. She'll thank you.