6 Apple Cider Vinegar Products That Aren’t As Harsh As Slathering The Real Thing On Your Face

by Julia Guerra

In the health and wellness world, apple cider vinegar falls under the same category as coconut oil; it’s recognized as a kind of cure-all that works wonders on acne-prone complexions, dandruff-dusted hair, and it’s even reportedly amazing for gut health. From what gurus and experts alike can tell, the only downside to ACV is that it’s a pretty intense substance that definitely needs to be diluted with water, or mixed with other ingredients, especially if you’re going to be applying it to your skin. The good news is, there are a handful of apple cider vinegar products that aren’t as harsh as applying the real thing directly onto your face, so you can reap all of its benefits without the high risking inflammation or irritation of any kind.

If by some chance your Insta feed isn’t overflowing with influencers preaching about ACV shots, homemade ACV salad dressings, teeth whiteners, and the like, let’s get you up to date on this thriving trend, shall we? ACV is essentially fermented apple juice that both beauty and wellness gurus adore. I know holistic remedies low-key sound a tad new-agey, but that’s why ACV is so beloved: It’s all natural, organic, and cost-effective.

Still, dabbing a few drops of ACV directly onto your skin isn’t exactly the most glamorous idea, so as far as ACV beauty goes, I definitely suggest sticking to products with ACV on the ingredients list. If you're curious, here are a few to experiment with.

An ACV Pad To Swipe Left On Your Acne

Scooping out sugar or salt exfoliants from a tub and going through the process of apply, rinse, and repeat isn’t always super time-effective. What you need is an on-the-go exfoliant that’s both gentle on your skin, and won’t take massive hit to your schedule. After all, does anyone really have time for 30-minutes worth of a skincare regimen? I certainly don’t.

Enter Volition’s Apple Cider Vinegar Resurfacing Pads that are cruelty-free, certified vegan, and require very minimal grunt work. All you need to do is slip the pad over your forefinger and middle finger, and swipe this baby across your face and neck after cleansing. It’s that simple and highly effective as the combination of ACV, lemon and orange extracts, witch hazel, plus glycolic acid work together to scrub away dead skin cells, minimize pores, and brighten your complexion in less than five minutes.

A Foamy Clay Mask That Does More For Way Less

If there’s any beauty product I’ll gush about, it’s a mask, and IMO, the more foam, the better. Feeling Beautiful’s product combines both suds and ACV, making this face product one to snag ASAP, as far as I’m concerned.

With Feeling Beautiful’s ACV foaming mask, you get a ton of bang for less than five bucks. Per the product’s description, the daily cleanser mask “cleans, scrubs, tones, and absorbs oil” to ensure even the most stubborn complexion gets in line. I mean, does it really get any better than that at a drugstore price point? I don't think so, friends.

A Detoxifying Solution To Enhance Your Tone

If you, like me, prefer face products that do their thang quickly and efficiently, then you’ll love this Detoxifying Solution from True Self Organics. This particular product is especially bae for anyone battling acne-prone skin on the reg, as this organic Apple Cider Vinegar solution is a powerhouse for detoxing your complexion by extracting dirt and excess oils from your pores.

Add a few drops to a cotton swab, swipe over your face and neck, and you’ve got yourself a gentle ACV toner. Or, if you’re feeling super fancy, the brand suggests adding the solution to its Soothing Mask powder, Soft Cream Cleanser, or moisturizers.

An ACV Bentonite Clay Mask That Requires Little Prep

Before New York Biology added its ACV clay mask to the market, bentonite clay was mixed with apple cider vinegar from a bottle to create paste. New York Biology’s product has done the groundwork for you, combining both ingredients into one jar, one clay mask, for a deep pore cleansing solution that Amazon customers are rating five stars.

To use, mix one scoop of powder with water until you reach your desired consistency. Apply to your face and let it set for 10 to 20 minutes. If you feel a slight tingle, no worries; according to the product’s description, this is how you’ll know it’s working.

A Balancing Toner That's Actually Hydrating

Rather than leave your skin incredibly parched like the bulk of toners do, Marie Veronique's balancing blend is a burst of hydration. ACV may not be the highlighted ingredient (it's also swarming with things like green tea, radish root, elderberry extract, licorice root, and cucumber), but it's definitely an important one to note. Essentially, this toner is meant to set your skin up for greatness, and make it that much easier for your complexion to really soak in the benefits of next-step skin care products.