You Can Do These 5 Workouts With A Pillow, So There's No Reason To Ever Leave Your Bed

by Georgina Berbari

If I had the option of never leaving my bed for the rest of eternity, I gladly would consider my pillow-clad sanctuary my permanent place of residence. As much as I love working out, bed is truly bae, you guys, and I low-key feel guilty whenever I have to leave my beautiful mattress, a long-time, cushiony companion that has done nothing but love and support me unconditionally. If you, too, are as freakishly obsessed with your bed as I am, including workouts you can do with a pillow into your fitness routine is an absolute must.

Look, as far as I'm concerned, if you find yourself feeling lazy one day, and there's no real reason why you have to separate yourself from your mattress, then why bother getting out of bed? With pillow workouts, it's all about getting in your exercise for the day without ever having to leave your room, which sounds like the most glorious thing in the world to me. If nothing else, it'll make you feel at least a little more productive than if you'd just snoozed all day with The Office playing softly in the background, right?

So the next time you're sloth-ing it up around the house, try these five workouts with your pillows to challenge your body in the laziest way possible. Beating the system has never felt so good, y'all.

A Thigh-Torching Sweat Sesh Between The Sheets
Joanna Soh Official on YouTube

I feel like my inner thighs are a part of my body that I often forget to focus on during my workouts, but this quick, five-minute pillow workout will definitely come to the rescue if you deal with the same struggle.

Seriously though, this in-bed workout is where it's at for major #LazyLegGains — and there's even some ab work thrown in there, so make sure your core stays engaged the entire time. Honestly, who needs all that fancy gym equipment when you have a handy-dandy pillow at your service?

A Booty-Blasting Bed Workout
blogilates on YouTube

I'm pretty sure Blogilates founder Cassey Ho is the ultimate queen of pillow-clad workouts, and her workouts in the above video will definitely leave your muscles quivering — in a good way, I promise.

Clearly she got out of bed for this circuit, but I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to stay cozied up in your number-one favorite place while you mimic Ho's movements. I'm not gonna lie, even though this workout is just 10 minutes long, it's nothing short of challenging. But think about it this way: You'll be in bed the whole time, so afterward, you can roll right over and take the most glorious power nap ever.

A Comfy Core-Centered Routine
SugarySixPack on YouTube

Oh yes, there's nothing better than 11 minutes of straight core work. That sentence was dripping with sarcasm if you couldn't tell, but there's also a tiny sliver of truth in there because, I mean, you're spending quality time with one of the best items you own: your super soft, comfy pillow.

Personally, I like to do this one in between episodes of The Office so I can have a good laugh afterward, even though my core already feels like it's on fire after doing these moves. But trust me, rewarding yourself with some quality Michael Scott is key, my friends.

A 30-Second, Fully-Body Challenge
Annie Miller on YouTube

OK, so if you feel like peeling yourself out of bed for literally just 30 seconds, this pillow workout is for you, girl. From burpees, to lower back work, to some plank action, this workout truly covers all the bases. You'll be strengthening your body from head to toe, and you'll feel like you transformed into Wonder Woman in less than a minute's time.

Don't worry — you'll be able to plop right back into bed as soon as you're done with this quickie sweat sesh.

A Workout That Lets You Punch The Crap Out Of Your Pillow
Pahla Bowers on YouTube

Sometimes, when I'm lying in bed and doing a whole lot of nothing all day long, my brain decides to use my inactivity as the optimal window of opportunity to overthink every aspect of my past. It's great! Not.

Luckily, this angry pillow workout comes in clutch for when I want to work out all my frustration and clear my crowded mind. TBH, fitness influencers truly have a workout for everything, and this one from Pahla Bowers is actually amazing for those days when you just want to punch things and be a little extra for like, 20 minutes. Happy sweating and side-hooking, friends!