5 Places Across The Globe You Can Literally Take A Wine Bath (Yes, You Read That Right)

This year, you made a promise to yourself that you'd travel more and put some focus back on yourself. You want to hop on planes, check things off your bucket list, and find happiness in it all. You want to take a trip to another country and spend hours soaking up the culture, trying different foods, and exploring the sites. (Not to mention, sampling a new wine in every country is a must.) Well, what if I told you that you could completely disconnect from your schedule, while bathing in a bold red? There are wine spas in the world, and they are everything you've been looking for, for the ultimate self-care, treat yo' self trip (if you're 21 or over).

Personally, as soon as someone even mentions a glass of Merlot, I'm in. When you're a true wine lover, it doesn't take much convincing, and you love all the opportunities out there to get in touch with your grapes. You'll spend a casual Wednesday night with your roommates or work wife trying a new bottle and catching up on your favorite shows. Many say that cheese pairs well with wine, but I'll always be a firm believer that every romantic comedy requires a glass of rosé.

Lately, life has just seemed awfully busy, though. You'd rather get some extra sleep than crack open that Pinot Grigio. You really just need to pack your suitcase and have a relaxing getaway, complete with vinotherapy. (Yup, you heard that right.) Jet-set to one of these five spas around the world, where you can actually take a wine bath.

Adler Thermae Spa & Relax Resort In Tuscany, Italy
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You probably didn't know that Tuscany is filled with resorts that practice vinotherapy. Essentially, you soak in a deep, red wine and get a grape-seed oil massage. Just thinking about it takes the edge of this week off a bit, am I right?

At the Adler Thermae Spa & Relax Resort in Italy, you'll be in the land of the loveliest grapes, and recharging your soul in the process. With the Brunello Ritual package, after bathing in wine, you'll take part in a package that includes a tasting session, and even some local cheese. When all is said and done, you can skip around the vineyards of the area, and know that wine made you feel this way.

Aire Ancient Baths In New York, New York
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Life in this concrete jungle can get pretty hectic, and sometimes, you just have to get away. You spend your days rushing to catch the subway, and dodging pedestrians on the sidewalks (all while trying not to spill your coffee). Let's be honest: You need some wine to detox from all the stress.

Well, lucky for you, Aire Ancient Baths is located in the Tribeca area of the city, and waiting to wisp you away into the world of wine. You'll be transported to another time and place, while soaking up antioxidants that'll cleanse your skin (and soul). Feel relaxed, yet? You need to experience this for yourself.

Yunessun Spa Resort In Hakone, Japan
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What's better than a wine bath? Well, a wine hot tub, of course! The Yunessun Spa Resort in Hakone, Japan really thought of it all with this one. According to the Huffington Post, this spa and theme park (Quite the combination, huh?) offers this speciality treatment for only a 12-day long period every year. But, the unique experience just might be worth booking the trip and taking a hefty plane ride. You'll feel like you truly walked into an atmosphere dedicated to wine, and may even want to check out the Coffee Bath while you're there, too.

Ella Di Rocco MediSpa In London, England
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Hopping across the pond just got a whole lot more fun with this wine bath experience. During the day, you'll likely explore all the sights that England has to offer, including Big Ben, Kensington Palace, and of course, taking a ride on the London Eye. But, after being a tourist for a while, you'll want to wine down.

The Ella Di Rocco MediSpa in London will be the perfect place to rejuvenate yourself after a long day of traveling and experiencing Europe. You'll take a wine bath with the Sangiovese Bath experience, and leave with your skin looking vibrant as ever. With a variety of treatments, the spa can cater to your exact skin type and relaxing needs. (Seriously, sign me up.)

Belmond Castello Di Casole In Tuscany, Italy
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A life of luxury begins with a glass of wine. At the Belmond Castello Di Casole in Tuscany, you'll be treating yourself from the second you walk through the door. You'll enjoy a grape body scrub before bathing in a bold red and snacking on some grapes. (Excuse me, is this even real?)

This spa day will definitely be more expensive than those $1 wine experiences you could book, but it'll be worth every penny when you're walking down the cobblestone streets after soaking in some wine. Who knew such a thing existed? *Pours bottle of wine into bathtub, because that's basically the same, right?*