The Best Virtual Halloween Experiences You Can Have With Your Witches & WiFi

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Shanelle Infante, Elite Daily

On the spookiest night of the year, you want to sit back with your laptop and get scared. Of course, you could do so by watching a thrilling movie like It or A Quiet Place. But why not tour a haunted house in the U.S. and participate in a Halloween-themed escape room, all while chilling on the couch? There are a ton of virtual Halloween 2020 experiences that'll make you jump out of your seat alongside your witches and WiFi.

It's not necessarily a requirement to wear a costume for any of them or have a bowl of your favorite candy by your side... but that would certainly make the experience a little sweeter. It would put you in the true spirit of the holiday while you hunt for ghosts or crack a mysterious puzzle. You may even find that your costume is a talking point while you're hanging out with your friends virtually, or meeting up with other people around the world who adore Halloween.

The truth is, there are plenty of us who look forward to this night every year, and the chance to get dressed up like a goblin, gamer, or Jess Day from New Girl. During a year when many events are going virtual due to the global pandemic, these virtual Halloween experiences are making sure the holiday doesn't go uncelebrated. Enjoy them with your witches and your WiFi.

The Grimm Escape via Puzzle Break
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The first of these virtual experiences is an escape room, which already has a bit of a spooky vibe. Hosted by Puzzle Break, The Grimm Escape is allowing you and your friends to meet up in a virtual room along with a host on a specific date and time. You will enter the Zoom hangout and begin to find clues and solve puzzles that fit into a storyline.

The escape room you may choose to participate in focuses on an evil witch who has cast a terrible spell on the land you and your friends inhabit. You must crack the spell so you can leave a dark forest and return to your mighty kingdom. For this, you must have a minimum of four people in your group. Tickets are currently running for $30.

Global Halloween Party With LGBTQ+ Focus Via Airbnb

Don't miss out on the plethora of Airbnb Online Experiences. They virtually bring people from around the globe together to learn new skills, tour a city, or hang out and play games. This Global Halloween Party with an LGBTQ+ focus, for example, welcomes everyone to listen to a host talk about the Halloween traditions of their community while doing a fun activity.

With a $10 ticket purchased, you're encouraged to grab a drink of choice, wear a costume, and participate in a virtual costume contest. In addition, your host may be tuning in from Tokyo, Mexico City, San Francisco, and beyond, depending on the time slot you choose.

Online Witch Trials Tour via Salem Witch Museum
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Get your spook on and check out the online witch trial tours via the Salem Witch Museum's website. They let you virtually visit a variety of locations where the witch trials took place, or where prominent figures lived and resided. You'll close your browser window and feel totally spooked, and also educated on this haunted era of history.

Virtual Ghost Hunt via Facebook

Facebook is hosting a load of virtual Halloween events this year, including a virtual ghost hunt. This event will happen a few days before, on Monday, Oct. 26, and last from 7 to 9 p.m. During that time frame, you'll be part of an investigation, where you and a team will move from one room to another in a haunted building and look for paranormal activity. You'll get to pick the equipment you use, join in on experiments, and even coach the team on where to go.

Tickets are 15 British pounds, which is about $20, and can be purchased through HD Paranormal.

The IT Experience In Hollywood Via YouTube

Last but not least, get pretty up-close and personal with this 4K video on YouTube of "The IT Experience" in Hollywood. It takes you through all the sites and sounds of the attraction, and costs absolutely nothing to experience it all from home. When you're about to turn this video on, make sure you're prepared to see the iconic red balloon, and the scary clown you always want to run away from.

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