5 Valentine’s Day Sex Positions That Are Super Steamy & Romantic

If there was ever a time to try some new moves with your bae, I assure you Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity. We all know that Valentine's Day is widely considered to be one of the cheesiest holidays. But why turn down the opportunity to show your bae how much they mean to you? It's absolutely time to find some Valentine's Day sex positions that will leave you both feeling spent and satisfied.

If romance doesn't come naturally to you, it's important to keep in mind that so much of building attraction is connected to the lead up. Once you've been in a relationship for a while, it can be easy to think, "Do we really have to do something special? We already know we love each other." But the truth is that looking at any relationship like it's a done deal — like you don't need to put any work into it — is often what leads to its decline.

Just as we all have the potential to grow and evolve constantly as people, if we're not actively committed to growing and evolving, we become stagnant — and the same is true of relationships. So instead, take this opportunity to treat your boo to something special, followed by an evening of smoldering sex, to remind them why you two make such a great match. These sex positions will do the trick.

1. The Lotus

If you haven't tried this steamy move, then you are definitely in for a treat. This is one of those sex positions that feels like just the right amount of theatrical. It's sort of like movie sex, but it still allows for all the intimacy and exertion that makes IRL sex a bit rougher around the edges.

Basically the penetrating partner is seated on the ground (or the bed) upright, and the receiver straddles their lap with their legs wrapped around their partner's waist. It's basically like being in a big hug, but better.

2. Cupid's Arrow

If you're in the market for something that's a bit wilder and more of a novelty sex position, then Cupid's Arrow is a great pick. The main thing to consider with this one is that the receiver is definitely going to need to have some back and neck flexibility to keep their legs above their head for more than a couple of minutes. But with that said, this position feels hot in a "this is so wild, I'm doing yoga and having sex at the same time" kind of way.

The receiving partner basically starts by lying on their back. Then, the penetrating partner lifts the receiver's bottom half up, so that the receiving partner's legs are in the air and their back is slightly off the ground. (The receiver should keep their hands and arms flat on the ground beside them for support.) After lifting the receiver's legs, the penetrating partner should plant their feet on either side of the receiver's head and slowly enter them from this angle.

3. The Tight Squeeze

If a from-behind experience is more your style, then this position is a nice move to add to the mix. Essentially, the receiver lies face down with their legs slightly apart, and the giver lies on top of them, supported on their elbows. Once the penetrator has entered their partner, the receiver should close their legs.

This position is great if you or your partner are into dirty talk, since you'll be in such a tight squeeze. There's just something super scandalous about hearing your bae whisper sexy things in your ear while not being able to see their face.

4. The Broken Flute

This position isn't a far cry from missionary — just with a few modifications. The receiver lies on their back, and their partner kneels in front of them. One of the receiver's legs should rest on their partner's shoulder, while the other is at their partner's side. Then, alternate the position of each leg. Although constantly moving your legs might sound weird, something about the movement feels surprisingly erotic.

5. The Bubble Bath

If the thought of having sex in a bed on a special occasion is too routine all together, then why not take a hot bath together? Get a couple of glittery bath bombs, because why not? Pop open a bottle of Champagne, maybe sprinkle some rose petals, and dive in. IMHO, I think this would be a decadent way to start off the intimate half of the night, because you two can focus on touch and foreplay. And I mean, your range of motion is pretty limited in a bathtub, so it's best not to get too crazy just yet.

Can't decide which position to try? Try 'em all — marathon sex really is a treat.

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