If You Absolutely Hate Camping, But Love The Outdoors, Take These 5 Vacations Instead

by Kristin Corpuz

I'm the first person to opt for an outdoorsy adventure — as long as it's temporary. In other words, I will gladly go kayaking, hiking, or even horseback riding in the jungle as long as it means I can return to a plush, comfy bed once nighttime rolls around. I love experiencing the great outdoors, but I truly cannot picture myself enjoying pitching a tent, rolling out a sleeping bag, and camping. I know a ton of people like me who are always looking for different types of trips to go on if you love the outdoors but hate camping, because everyone needs a chance to connect with nature.

You might be the kind of person who loves interacting with wildlife, exploring the great outdoors, and maybe even lighting a campfire or two, but when you're on vacay, nothing really beats being able to snuggle up in a giant bed of white linens and enjoying a savory breakfast buffet in the morning.

You don't have to spend the night in a tent to experience the best that Mother Nature has to offer, so try taking one of these getaways instead. You'll leave feeling enlightened, closer to the outdoors than ever before, and the best part — you'll have a ton of pictures to hold onto the memories for the rest of your life.

A Glamping Trip

Even if you're not in the mood for spending the night in a sleeping bag, that doesn't mean you have to entirely miss out on the camping experience. Glamping provides you with the outdoorsy "camping" experience, but you have most of the comforts that come with a hotel room. Plus, the views really can't be beat.

One of my favorite travel memories is glamping at Sierra Escape in Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia. We had a giant luxury tent with running water (including a rain shower), but it had no air conditioning or heater, so we lit a fire at night. We had the best of both a hotel and camping experience, surrounded by incredible views and kangaroos literally jumping through our "backyard."

A Sailing Trip

If you're looking for a way to really connect with the sea, I can't recommend a sailing trip enough. You'll likely spend the days sunbathing on the deck, feeling the wind through your hair, and jumping into the water whenever you get too hot.

Last year, I took a sailing trip with Sunsail around Croatia's Dalmatian Coast, and it was a truly life-changing experience. Having grown up in Florida, I've always loved the water, but this trip made me feel connected to it in a way I never have before.

A Trip To A Resort That Has Thrilling Excursions

Even if you're staying at a resort, you might get the urge to go out and explore. Booking your vacay at a resort that has thrilling excursions allows you to enjoy the luxuries of staying at a hotel, but you have the option to go out if you want to.

When I stayed at Bluewater Sumilon in Cebu, Philippines a couple of years ago, we also booked an excursion package that included swimming with butanding (whale sharks). It was definitely a day to remember, and we got to enjoy staying at an all-inclusive resort afterward.

A Trip To A Wildlife Sanctuary

Nothing can make you feel more connected to nature than hanging out with animals. Consider seeing if your destination has a wildlife sanctuary you can visit, volunteer at, and see the animals in their natural habitat.

When I visited Chiang Mai, Thailand, Elephant Nature Park was at the top of my list of places to visit. According to the Elephant Nature Park website, it's "an elephant rescue and rehabilitation center" located in Thailand. Based on my experience, you get to spend the day walking with the elephants, and offering your services to their healing process. The staff also educates visitors on the ethicality of elephant tourism.

A Trip To An Immersive Camp Or Hotel
Courtesy of Mombo & Little Mombo Camp

There are a ton of hotels that allow people to completely immerse themselves in their destination. You can have an incredible outdoor experience from the comforts of your hotel.

Wilderness Safaris' Mombo and Little Mombo Camp put you right in the center of the incredible natural surroundings of Botswana; Paws Up allows you to experience the most magical parts of ranching in Montana; and Tabacon in Costa Rica lets you experience the most rejuvenating hot springs.