I Know You're Busy, But Every Millennial Should Make Time For These 7 Trips In 2019

by Kristin Corpuz

I don't know about you, but traveling is at the top of my priority list for 2019. I'm on a mission to cross a ton of destinations off my bucket list and experience as many new things as possible. And though I love the idea of going on trips that are similar to ones I've taken before, I know that there are a ton of different types of trips to go on in 2019 that I haven't done quite yet — and I'm determined to make sure that they happen at some point.

Like me, many millennials want to travel. We are, after all, the generation of freelancers and "gig culture" (I'm a prime example), and our flexible schedules allow some of us to live digital nomad lives that give us ample opportunities to see more of the world. If this sounds like you — and honestly, even if it doesn't — you should definitely make sure that traveling is at the top of your to-do list this year. From surprise trips to a reunion trip with your siblings, you deserve to take a vacation that lets you unwind and escape your busy schedule for a little bit, even if it's just for a weekend.

Here are some of the types of trips that I'm planning on taking in 2019. I hope that they inspire you to do the same. Bon voyage!

A Bonding Trip With Your Bestie

I'm a firm believer that everyone should take a trip with their best friend to spend quality time together. It makes your friendship stronger in ways that you never could have anticipated. In the past year, I went on two separate trips with my best friend from high school and my best friend from college, and they are two of my favorite trips to date.

A Micro-Trip Getaway With Your SO

My boyfriend and I are total workaholics, so whenever we both have a day off, we use it to take a mini trip someplace fun. We'll go somewhere a couple hours away to explore a place outside of our usual routine.

We also try to take long weekends when we can. Last year, we took a long weekend road trip to move him to Los Angeles, and it ended up being one of our favorite memories together. Road trips are a wonderful way to bond, and allow you to set the parameters of how long your micro trip will be.

An Extended Vacay
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Oftentimes, vacations are cut short, or I end up working too much while I'm on the road that I can't actually enjoy it. So this year, I decided that I want to take a vacation of my own that allows me to completely go off the grid.

I booked myself a two-week trip to Santorini in the fall. It's still a long time from now, but I'm definitely looking forward to being able to explore a city for an extended amount of time.

A Surprise Trip
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With companies like Pack Up + Go becoming increasingly popular, it takes a ton of the tedious planning out of traveling so you can just enjoy your trip. The company lets you set your budget and what you're looking for in a trip, and they do the rest of the work for you. (All you have to do is literally pack up, and go.)

This kind of "surprise" trip is on my bucket list for the year. I love the idea of someone planning out my trip for me so that I don't have to worry about all of the booking details myself.

A Solo Trip

I took my first solo trip this year, and it was one of my favorite ones I've ever done. I loved the freedom of exploring Old San Juan with no guidelines or itinerary. If you've never traveled by yourself before and really want to, I highly recommend trying it before the end of 2019.

Solo travel allows you to unwind and embrace the beauty of your environment. I feel like it makes you hyper-aware of your surroundings, and experience travel through a different lens than you would in a group.

A Sibling Reunion Trip

My siblings and I live in three different cities right now, and one of the things that I really want to do with them is to go on vacay together. Though it may take some time for this trip to happen (my brother is on tour and my sister is expecting her second baby), I know that the three of us would have an amazing time.

If you and your siblings are super close, traveling together will only make your bond stronger. It will be nice to spend some quality time with each other, especially if you live in different cities now, and you can make new family memories together as adults.

A Trip With Your Parents

Hear me out on this one. A lot of people don't think that traveling with their parents sounds like a whole lot of fun, but I'm here to tell you that it totally is. I went to the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand with my parents a couple years ago, and it was one of my favorite trips.

Your parents want to share memories with you, and a great way to do it is through traveling together. Seeing a new place together for the first time (or even going back to one of your favorite destinations) allows you to bond and create new memories together. You might disagree at times, but you may very well have a stronger relationship by the end of the trip.