5 Traditions To Start With Your College Roommates As Soon As You Graduate

There are a few different types of friends. Most notably, there are the friends you grew up with and have known forever, and then there are friends you meet in college who you immediately become inseparable with. These college besties are people you spend so much time with, and you can't really imagine living away from them. But, the sad thing is, you might eventually have to. Don't fear, because there are traditions to start with your college roommates after graduation that'll keep you close.

Not everyone will move away from each other. You may be lucky and find a way to live with your college roommates after the cap and gown — but odds are, your careers might take you in separate directions. That doesn't mean that you will grow apart — but like with any long-distance relationship, work needs to be put in to stay close. You need to check in to keep up on each other's lives. Texting your best friends will never get old, but for when you need something other than just messages or memes, starting traditions with your friends will bring you so much closer. You'll have something to look forward to as well as a little bit of a stronger bond.

A Joint Movie Night Via Skype

You probably already have regular Skype or FaceTime calls with one another, so this adds a little more fun to your typical catch-up sessions. Choose a new movie that came out on Netflix, or one of your faves from college to watch.

You can do this one of two ways. You can share screens on Skype, with everyone watching what's playing on your screen. You can also easily sync everyone up and watch on your own laptops, just make sure you start at the same time. Whichever way you choose, the main point is that you are all spending time together and able to gossip along to a film. You know, the important stuff.

Make Rotating Visits

With this one, you and your friends can all take a trip each year to visit each other! The fun part about with this one is that you can all take turns hosting this annual trip. This way, you're going to see each other and get a tour of what your college clique has been up to. You can either do this as a Friendsgiving thing, or at another time during the year when you can all take some time off.

Have a 'Sisterhood Of The Traveling' College Sweater

The majority of us have seen Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants, and it makes us want to hug our friends ASAP. Take this idea and turn it into a real-life tradition you and your friends can live out.

Of course, you're probably never going to find a magical pair of pants. Pick a college sweater that's big and cozy (those are the best kind) and send it around to each friend in your group to wear for a few months. You can make up your own rules and you can also have your own candle-lit ceremony. Wear it whenever you really miss your besties.

Plan An Annual College (Road )Trip

Make it a tradition to visit your college town for a long weekend every year with your crew. Hit up your favorite bars, sightsee your gorgeous campus, and revisit all of your old hangout spots.

You can also make it a whole event by planning a road trip there and back, picking each friend up along the way. This may not work for every friend group, but if it does, it will make it all the more fun. As long as you're together, it'll be lit.

Start A Long-Distance Book Club

If you are looking for a way to stay connected while also doing something together from afar, a long-distance book club will do the trick! Pick a book at the start of each month. Then at the end of it, set a date to have it finished by, and have a long discussion about it over some wine and cheese. You can do checkup calls about it midway through so that you don't leave everything for the end.

A ton of books have guided questions online you can follow along with, or have each person come up with a shortlist each month (possibly whoever picked the book out), and you can start from there. Honestly, since you're all close, the convo will probably start flowing once you start talking about it, so no worries. There's no pressure with this, and it'll be something to look forward to after a long workday.