5 Things You'll Notice If Your Partner Is Considering Proposing, So Get Ready

by Korey Lane

If you're in a relationship, you see a future with your partner, and you want marriage to be part of that future, then the thought of your partner proposing has likely entered your brain at some point. Maybe you think it's a ways off, or maybe you're anxiously awaiting the moment when your significant other pops the question. Whatever the case, there are definitely things you’ll notice if your partner is considering proposing. From their attitude to the things they want to talk about, and so much else in between, there are actually a lot of signs that you might soon be rocking a carat or two.

Now, some people might not believe that you can tell your partner is about to propose, but according to one relationship expert, you totally can sense when something is up. "It's true that if you are really attuned to your partner's style of communicating, then you can trust that your love instincts are picking up those tells that your partner wants to propose," Dr. LeslieBeth Wish, licensed clinical psychotherapist, relationship expert, and author of the new book Training Your Love Intuition, tells Elite Daily. So if you have a gut instinct, you might just be on to something, but there are other ways you can tell if you want more concrete evidence before calling your mom.

They start using "we" a lot more.

Obviously, if your SO wants to propose to you, that means they're intending on spending the rest of their life with you. If that's the case, then their language might change if they're considering a proposal. "Your partner will use the word 'we' more often when he or she talks about plans that are in the future," Wish says. "For example, he or she might say: 'I really like hiking that trail I told you I did last year. It will be even better when we do it together.'"

Your partner is thinking about your future together, and that includes a "we" perspective.

They want to be more involved with your family, and want you to be more involved with theirs.

Another sign that bae is seriously thinking about asking you to marry them is that they want you around their family more, or they want to spend more time with yours. "Your partner could also talk about your meeting his or her parents," Wish says. "If you've already met them, your partner might suggest doing more things with them, such as going on a vacation or celebrating the holidays with them."

They want to marry you! Of course they want you to get along with their family!

They've got weddings on the brain.

Someone who wants to propose to you is obviously thinking about what comes after the proposal — namely, the wedding or elopement. "Your partner might also talk favorably about his or her married friends and how wonderful their wedding was," Wish explains. "Regardless of the exact words, the 'wedding' word might come up more often in conversations."

Your partner is excited for their future with you, and they might let it slip in the way they talk about weddings and marriage in general.

They'll inquire about your favorite things.

Planning a proposal is a lot of work. Even if you and your partner are more low-key and don't want it to be a huge event, your partner will still want to make it special. So, they'll need to know if you have any preferences.

"Your partner might talk about favorite things you've done together such as places where you traveled or did things together," Wish explains. "For example, he or she might ask you questions such as, 'What are your favorite places or things we've done?' These questions help your partner develop a place to propose to you."

They want to know what rings you like.

No matter how they find out, you might notice your partner snooping on your Pinterest page or asking what you think about a certain engagement ring style. After all, there are thousands of possible rings out there, and it's hard to pick just one! "Your partner might comment on a friend's wedding ring, and ask your opinion as to whether you thought it was too gaudy or just right," Wish says.

They might be gauging your interest about what kind of ring you would like, so be honest! If you want a rose gold cushion cut, let them know!

"Overall, look for signs of any discussions that include your comments about anything related to proposals, rings, and weddings," Wish advises. "These conversations are intended to test how you feel about them, the progress of your relationship [feelings for them], and your preferences."

Of course, you might want to be surprised, or your partner might just be testing the engagement waters before buying the ring and making more concrete plans. But if they're showing any of these signs, you might just be posting that "I said yes!" selfie sooner rather than later. And in that case, congrats!