5 Things Night Owls Can Relate To When They're A Party Of One & Everyone's Asleep

If you've spent a considerable amount of time wide awake, chilling in your room until the wee hours of the morning, you just might consider yourself night owl. And you're not alone — especially if you're a college student. Many of us like to procrastinate our duties well into the night hours — and sometimes, that makes us produce our best work. After all, it's quiet, it's serene, and it's the perfect time to get things done. There are just some things night owls can relate to when they're throwing that old-school dance party during the wee hours of the morning.

You know that very moment I'm referring to — you're so awake and ready that you've just got to (quietly) break out into a song. We've all been there once or twice. But if you're a chronic night owl, it's more like every night. Luckily, you love the nighttime, so it doesn't get too old. I've been there, and I'm pretty sure college changed me into a night person over these past few years. I don't think I ever really slept at night during my sophomore year of college, TBH.

If you can relate to staying up all night, treating the nighttime hours like daytime, you know there are some things that are exclusively special to the night owls of the world. All night owls know these five things are relatable AF.

When You Have To Check How Many Hours Of Sleep You Still Have Left

Every night owl knows this game all too well. You suddenly have so much energy and drive to check a million things off your list — but you know that without sleep, you'll be an absolute zombie in the morning (and in major need of an XL coffee, or two). So, what do you do? Naturally, you count down the hours you have left until you actually have to wake up in time to start the day.

Seven hours should be the game plan, right? But soon, that turns into six hours, then only five hours of snooze time. Where did the night even go?

When Watching "Just One Episode" Turns Into 10

You're up and awake, so of course you want to use this time to really catch up on some of your favorite shows. You promise yourself that you'll stop after one episode, but that quickly doubles, then triples.

You know it's bad to keep staying up, but in the moment, you're not tired at all and you just want one more episode! Nothing can stop you, night owl. Besides, these cliffhangers are seriously stressing you out.

When It's 3 A.M. In The Morning And You've Never Felt So Alive

At this point, you've watched three episodes of your favorite show, cleaned your room, and maybe even did some homework. You're feeling good, and you're feeling accomplished AF. You're pretty sure that if someone asked you to climb a mountain with them right now, you'd slay it.

Your energy is unbeatable. You've never felt so full of life. If only you could be like this in daytime, right? Everyone would be so proud. But, maybe these night hours are what's preventing that. Oh well.

When You Can't Share These Cool Activities With Anyone, Because All Of Your Friends Are Sleeping

So what to do with all of this energy and life? Naturally, you want to share it with someone. Literally, anyone. But all of your friends are sleeping. So, you return to marathoning another TV show, pouring yourself some green tea, painting your nails, and reading a new book.

You can't stop this process now, because you're on a freakin' roll. But, it would be nice if someone else were there to share all of these activities with you.

When You Feel That Morning Regret, And Swear You'll Never Do It Again

Eventually, between all of the marathon TV watching, productivity, and reading, you manage to slip off into a wonderful slumber. Which, of course, is rudely interrupted by that annoying alarm reminding you that there's an entire day ahead of you.

Weighed down with morning grogginess, you promise you'll get a good night's sleep tonight. But will you, though? Seriously, morning people. How do you do it?!