5 Texts To Send Your Partner Every Single Day To Remind Them You Love Them

Everyone has a different love language. You know, how you give and receive love. There are five to be exact: words of affirmation, acts of service, gift giving, quality time, and physical touch. Mine happens to be words of affirmation, which can, in this digital dating era, take the form of various kinds of messaging. And if you know your partner's love language is the same, sometimes, you just need an arsenal of texts to send your partner to show them that you care.

But what can you say without sounding smothering, or even worse, disingenuous? I don't want to barrage my partner with texts all day, nor do I want to feed them lines out of some rom com that will end up making them feel less special. The perfect "I love you" text should be sincere and authentic to your partner. It doesn't have to be long and flowery, either; short, simple, and sweet is the key to getting your point across. And to put it simply: You should mean it.

So here are some texts to send your partner every day to remind them that you love them. Because sometimes, if we care about someone, it's important to let them know... actually, all the time. Always let your partner know you care.

1. "I Love You"

If you're looking for the right words to say, then say exactly what you're thinking and tell your partner that you love them. Seems obvious, right? Sometimes, that's all you need to hear in order to feel appreciated by the person you care about. You might think the phrase loses it's meaning over months or years of saying it, but you never get tired of hearing it from the person you love.

2. "I'm Grateful For You"

When I'm in a relationship, I want to feel appreciated. I often feel defeated or taken advantage of in my personal or professional life, so I want to feel seen, heard, and understood by my partner. I'm sure whomever I'm dating feels the same way. A good way to do this is to let your significant other know that you're grateful for them every single day. You can tell them generally, or you can pick out a specific act that they did which made you happy. For example, saying, "I'm so grateful you took out the trash today," or "I'm grateful for the advice you gave me last night," will set a positive tone for your relationship and is a great tradition you can both keep up every day.

3. "You're Special To Me"

At the end of the day, we all want to feel unique and different from everyone else in the world, and especially from everyone else in our partner's life. So tell your significant other that they are, indeed, special to you. It'll show them that they're indispensable, and that's a safety net everyone wants in a relationship.

4. "I Can't Wait To See You Again"

Want to remind your partner how much you love not only them, but hanging out with them? It's important to love the person you're dating, but you should like being with them as well. So tell them you can't wait to see them again, every single day, even if you're fighting and can't stand the idea of being around them. It's a good reminder that, through thick or thin, they are the person you want to be around.

5. "You're My Person"

Don't want to say the word soulmate? That's OK. I wouldn't either. It's a little over the top. But tell your partner that they're your person. It'll give them a level of comfort and security that everyone wants to feel in a relationship.

So if you're looking for messages to send the person you care about, try out one of these. They're bound to make your partner smile, and that's what we should be doing for the people we love — every single day. Life's too short not to.

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