5 Texts To Send Your Partner During Pride To Let Them Know How Much You Love Them

by Cosmo Luce

During my last relationship, my girlfriend and I would text each other somewhat infrequently. When we did communicate we wrote one another what were essentially poems. We described our dreams to one another; we talked about what our bodies were feeling as we moved through different cities. We responded to one another's messages in our own time, which meant our intimacy moved on its own schedule.

When you're thinking about what texts to send your partner during Pride to tell them how much you love them, you might find that getting really creative is a good way to embrace your queer love. You might find that showing them how much you love them through new descriptions is more effective then simply using the same tired language to express how you feel. Words can ruin emotions, after all, if they are not being used precisely.

What does it feel like when your partner expresses that they care for you? How do you show love, when the words for describing that emotion are so limited? Text is just the beginning of how to communicate tenderness for one another. No matter what you end up sending over text, know that how you show up for one another physically, emotionally, and intellectually is what really matters.

Remind her that she deserves to be worshipped.
Caitlyn Luce Christensen

I remember getting a text like this out of the blue, in a time when my girlfriend and I had gone a few weeks without talking to one another. We lived in different cities so didn't feel a ton of pressure to communicate regularly, especially if we weren't going to see one another. Receiving this message filled me with a warm, glowing feeling that came from within. It wasn't about her worshipping me, but her acknowledging that I deserved to worship myself. It's still one of the nicest messages I've ever received.

Talk about the sun, moon, or stars.
Caitlyn Luce Christensen

The summer solstice falls during Pride month. On June 21, the North Pole will tilt toward the Sun, which will be at the northernmost point in the sky. The solstice begins the first day of summer in our hemisphere, when our skies become flooded with sunlight. You can commemorate this day during Pride by sending a joyful text to your partner that's full of the sun's optimistic, blissful energy and speaks of simple pleasures.

Share deeply-coded queer fantasies.
Caitlyn Luce Christensen

One of my favorite things about being queer are the double entendres. You can subtly sext one another without necessarily talking about sex at all. Summer and Pride make an ideal time for your fantasies to flourish. Describe the things that you want to do to your partner sexually by using beautiful innuendos that can also be taken at face value. There is a whole heap of eroticism that can be channeled within every day experiences; show your partner how much you want them by breaking out of the confines of what your bodies do in bed.

Describe your dreams to one another.
Caitlyn Luce Christensen

Dreams are powerful tools of the subconscious. When you share your dreams, it's like your intuition is communicating how you are feeling to your lover. I think that speaking in the language of dreams to one another can go a great distance in showing what emotions are swimming in your inner waters. If you have trouble dreaming, try drinking mugwort tea before bed or even hanging dried mugwort over your pillow. Consuming mugwort stimulates lucid dreams and I have found that even having the herb in my room helps me remember my dreams when I wake up in the morning.

Share what your love means on a global scale.
Caitlyn Luce Christensen

Being in love with someone does not mean that they belong to you or you to them; the each of you belong to yourselves. It's from this place of total self-belonging that you can connect to one another and share your magic. Text your partner and describe how your love not only connects the both of you, but is connected to your entire community. Your rainbow love is a blessing for everyone. Embrace it.