5 Sexts To Send If You're Finally Seeing Your Partner Tonight After A Few Days Apart

There's nothing like spending a little time apart to remind you of exactly why you find your partner oh-so-f***ing hot. What is that saying? Oh, yes. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder and makes the V thirsty AF." I believe that was Shakespeare. Anyway, the fact is when bae is away, it makes you want to play, so when they are heading back home it’s the perfect time to do a little warm up with sexts to send your partner when you’re apart, so they know what's up as soon as they get there. Spoiler alert: pants off, dance off.

So, what should you send them on this momentous occasion to set the mood? I mean, you've probably sent them a ton of sexy messages in the past, so the first thing you want to do is get on theme and let them know that the time away has been a real turn-on and you can't wait to get them back in your arms and in your bed. If you need some inspiration, I've got you covered with a few ideas perfect for the occasion. Fair warning though, these are hot and they may result in your boo getting a speeding ticket trying to rush back and make it happen IRL. So, here's what to send them.

1. For The Partner Who Likes A Good (Dirty) Joke

“Tonight I am throwing you a welcome home party… In my pants. And yes everyone is coming.”

Do you and your partner laugh a lot in bed? Do they have a taste for terrible (aka excellent) dad jokes? Well then, you can't go wrong with this old chestnut. Sure, it's cheesy, but that's the point! Plus, it will make them laugh and nothing is hotter than humor — except maybe what you plan to do to them tonight.

If Your Partner Is A Top

“I miss you so much, I can’t wait to get you back in my arms and inside… well … me.”

What’s the dynamic in your relationship? Is your bae a big old top? Well, then paint a mental picture you know they'll enjoy. Let them know how much you can’t wait to bottom their brains out as soon as they walk in the door.

If You’re The Top In The Relationship

“Only [insert number of] hours until your back home and I’m tearing off them pants.”

Or maybe your love is happiest in the role of pillow princess. (No shade. I mean, same, honestly.) Well, then let them know what they have to look forward to when you are reunited and get to finally have your way with them again. Hot stuff.

Because Sometimes A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

A tasteful (or not so tasteful) nude with the caption: “Soon.”

Not everyone has to be a wordsmith to get their sext on. Put that camera to use with a little teaser to whet their appetite. Send them a nude, or a photo of you wearing something you know is a huge turn on and caption it simply with "soon." Trust me, they will be doing whatever they can to make "soon" turn into "now." Thank you, technology gods, for the camera phone.

Because Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder — And Hornier

“Missing you this week has made me realize the only LDR I want with you stands for 'Long D Ride,’ if you know what I’m sayin’.”

Being apart even for a short time can be really hard, so a long-distance relationship can be straight-up torture. Show your partner how grateful you are that they will be home soon (and hopefully for good) and how exactly you plan to celebrate that fact — and for how long.

There truly is a sext for every occasion. Now go put those thumbs to work and let your lover know how much you miss them — in your heart and in your bed.

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