5 Sexts To Send If Your Relationship Is New & You Don’t Want To Come On Too Strong

Sexting is a great way to keep things spicy after the honeymoon phase ends. It's a reminder of those early days when you just can't get enough of each other. But what about during that honeymoon phase? It's never too early to start getting sexy with your SO — and I say go for it. When it comes to sexting, there's no time like the present. That being said, breaking the ice can be daunting, so it's also good to have sexts to send if you’re in a new relationship ready to go whenever the spirit moves ya.

When it comes to sending dirty texts early in the relationship, part of the process is finding out what will turn on your SO, without crossing over the line into coming on too strong (if there is such a thing, am I right?) So, I suggest starting out with a message that's more teasing and alluring in tone, rather than straight-up explicit. Hey, there is plenty of time to build up to that and, honestly, that's half the fun. So, to help you get inspired and get those sexty fingers typin', here are some sexts you can send your new bae to kickstart some virtual and oh-so-adult fun.

Test The Waters

“Sooooo, I had an — ahem — grown up dream about you last night, wanna hear about it?”

When you're sending your first sext to a new partner, it's both an invitation and a fact-finding mission. You’re testing the waters to see if they're into it and excited to respond. To make sure you don’t go too far out on a limb with the first text, send them something teasing in the form of a question to make it easy for them to respond if they're feeling it. Based on the enthusiasm of their reply, you can dial down your “dream” or put all the spicy hot sauce on on it.

Send A Flirty Compliment

“I’m trying, but I just can’t stop thinking about your hot body.”

When in doubt, send a sext that starts by stroking our biggest erogenous zone: the ego. What makes this first sext so ingenious is that everyone appreciates being admired and desired, so they won’t be weirded out if they're a shy texter, but the door is wide open if they are ready to take the naughty bait.

Ask A Suggestive Question

“Is it too soon to ask you to tell me something naughty?”

Feeling a little more daring? Go ahead and be more straight forward with what you want, but put it in the form of a question. The reason you phrase it this way is because it makes for an easy opening (pun intended) for them to join in the fun, but it also allows them to shut down the sexty party if they aren’t feeling it. Plus, it's a lot easier to bounce back from a question than it is if your opening salvo was a full frontal nude. Just sayin’.

Make A Naughty Request

“Send me a pic of where you wish I was kissing you right now.”

When in doubt, it never hurts to put the ball in your SO’s corner. Open up the topic but let them choose the intensity level by asking them to send the pics. My guess is it won’t take too long for the heat to turn all the way up. Mission accomplished.

Give ‘Em Just A Little Tease

A casual thirst trap with the caption: “Thinking of you.”

If you aren’t really a words person, let the visuals do the talking for you. Maybe you’re the type of person that feels totally fine sending full-on nudes from any angle, and that's awesome if that’s your speed. (Seriously, I ain’t that brave, so bravo!) But for the first sexting foray with a new partner, the key is to keep it subtle and sexy. Think thirst trap rather than full-on nudes. Try a suggestive photo of you in bed, with a hint of nudity or sexy lingerie, with a simple “Thinking of you” caption. You can bet they will be begging for sequels, and how far you take it from there will be up to the two of you.

It may be scary the first time you send something sexy to a new SO, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep it light, keep it cute, and trust me, they'll want you to keep it coming.

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