5 Sex Moves To Try On A Boat That Are Knot To Be Missed This Summer

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I don't think anything screams summer romance more than hanging out around a body of water. Spending your time leisurely laying out in the sun, dressed in your favorite swimsuit, or going on a boat ride sounds pretty incredible. It's the perfect way to unwind and feel — honestly — pretty horny for a summer hookup. So, have you ever daydreamed about sex moves to try on a boat? Consider the possibilities for just a second, because they're pretty freaking hot.

Getting out and away from your daily life can feel really magical and totally set the mood. Being away from shore can certainly be a change of pace, leaving you feeling uninhibited and fully ready to make a move. Consider the best kiss scenes that cinema has ever seen, such as the romantic rowboat scenes from The Notebook or The Little Mermaid. One of my most formative romantic memories is looking up at the stars on my dad's fishing boat with a boy I had a crush on. We kept sneaking out to the boat to look up at the Michigan stars. We once held hands, but I was far too nervous to initiate anything else.

Given the opportunity (aka: a boat of any kind. HMU if you have the hookup), I would happily try any number of the following. These five sexy moves will have you saying, "All aboard!"

The Overboard

OK, this is not for the faint of heart or anyone using any kind of canoe or rowboat — unless you are prepared to tip that thing over. Bigger boats are actually pretty solid places to hook up, especially if they're fancy, with leather seats and a red carpet and such. Remember: you'll have to get down lower so that no can see you. With smaller boats, like a rowboat, you should row somewhere with total privacy. Additionally, keep in mind that you shouldn't try to hook up in a boat if it wouldn't be safe for you to potentially fall in.

So, to do the overboard, you really just kind of go, well, overboard. This is the rip-each-other's-clothes-off-while-you-make-out kind of hookup. Since you're on a boat, you'll have to be horizontal and on top of each other. This can be super hot because of the closeness, spontaneity, and general risk of getting caught. Don't be afraid to get creative with your hands and mouths!

Stroke Those Oars

If you consider yourself a pretty good deckhand, then this is your time to shine, Mate. You can really try to work your best hand job or fingering magic here. A lot can be accomplished with a simple hand slipped down your bae's pants. For all anyone else knows, you're just sitting together in a boat, watching the stars! Remember that the darker it gets, the more you can get away with.

Kiss The Girl

For all you rowboat cuties out there, this is your move. This move is for when you really don't have a ton of options, because the Central Park pond you're rowing on might very well be radioactive and you are not about to ruin your outfit. "Kiss The Girl" is all about channeling the romanticism of that scene in The Little Mermaid. This can take some pre-date prep by choosing a really cute outfit and planning a hairstyle that will catch the sunlight at just the right moment.

Wait as long as you possibly can before actually kissing your partner. If they're rowing, sit at the front of the boat and smile at them a whole bunch. Then, when the moment is right, lean in for a kiss, one that has had tension building for what might feel like hours. You can even plan for the kiss to happen just as some holiday fireworks start in the distance or as the sun finally sets.

Walk The Plank

If you have the room for it and the privacy, this move could send you over the edge — if you catch my drift. Basically, if you can get the angles right, you can give and get some incredible head, while hanging off the side of a boat.

For example, if one of you sits on a seat of the boat and the other kneels down in front, the act can actually look pretty discrete. You can really give it your all and see how hard your partner has to try to stay quiet.

The Captain

OK, so — if you find yourself so lucky that you have a giant boat all to yourself and you're not likely to be seen, you can take a stab at trying "The Captain." This is best done by the penetrative partner standing behind the person being penetrated. If you're feeling inspired by its namesake, literally do it in the captain's seat of the boat. The penetrated partner can even hold onto the steering wheel.

Above all, remember to be safe and make sure that you're not going to be seen by any fellow sailors. That way, these can remain in your memory bank of "fun, flirty, summer hookups" and not your most embarrassing moments. Hopefully you go overboard with these tips — without, you know, actually going overboard.

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