Jughead Is Leaving Riverdale High & 4 More 'Riverdale' Secrets Revealed At Comic-Con

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Riverdale fans are all still trying to piece together everything that happened in the show's cliffhanger-filled Season 3 finale, but thankfully, Season 4 is on its way. Although the new season has been shrouded in mystery, the Riverdale cast revealed a ton of game-changing details about what is coming our way during their San Diego Comic-Con panel this weekend. These Riverdale Season 4 details give fans our very first look at the direction the new season will go, including an A-list guest star and an upcoming character death.

Spoiler alert: Of course, do not continue reading if you have not yet finished Riverdale Season 3. The third season of the CW's moody teen drama was a particularly eventful one, ending with a series of shocking twists such as Veronica's mother being arrested, Betty and Jughead's long-lost brother Chic showing up, and most distressingly, a flash-forward where a blood-covered Archie, Betty, and Veronica ominously burn Jughead's iconic beanie in a fire.

On top of all that chaos, the cast also mourned the sudden loss of their costar Luke Perry, who died of a stroke while Season 3 was still filming its final episodes. Though the show could not properly pay tribute to Perry and his character Fred Andrews in its overstuffed final Season 3 episodes, the cast and crew have revealed that the Season 4 premiere will be a tribute to Perry. Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa went into more detail about the specifics of that tribute at the Riverdale Comic-Con panel, along with the cast revealing a bunch of other exciting twists on the way. Check out the highlights from the Riverdale Comic-Con panel below, and then we can get into the most important takeaways.

1. Shannen Doherty will be part of the season premiere.

The Riverdale Season 4 premiere will pay tribute to Luke Perry in an extra special way, because it will include his close friend and Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star Shannen Doherty. Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa revealed that Perry had wanted Doherty to guest star on Riverdale prior to his sudden death, but it did not work out. But he confirmed that Doherty will play "a really emotional role" in the Season 4 premiere. Doherty praised how well the show paid tribute to Perry in the episode on Instagram after her casting was revealed.

2. There will be a lot more Molly Ringwald.

A lot of fans were wondering how Riverdale might move forward with Archie's home life after losing Luke Perry, but now we know that Archie's largely absent mother Mary Andrews will step into the full-time parenting role in Season 4. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa said that Molly Ringwald asked him not to introduce Archie's uncle or some other replacement father figure, but rather to let her play a bigger role in Archie's life. "She'll be Archie's mom more or less full time this season," Aguirre-Sacasa confirmed at Comic-Con.

3. Someone dies in the Halloween episode.

It feels off-brand that Riverdale has never had a Halloween episode, but that will change in Season 4. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa confirmed that Episode 4 of the new season will air on Oct. 30 and, fittingly, will center on Halloween in Riverdale. But the scares will be more real than ever for this episode, because Aguirre-Sacasa revealed that a character will die in the Halloween episode, although he did confirm is was nobody present at the Comic-Con panel, so Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, and Cheryl are safe at least.

4. Jughead is leaving Riverdale High for a prep school.

One of the big upcoming changes in Season 4 is that Jughead will be separated from Archie, Betty, and Veronica. Cole Sprouse revealed that Jughead will get into a pretentious, Gossip Girl-like prep school on a writing scholarship in the new season, and he will only be back in Riverdale over the weekends. This new school also plays a big part in that mysterious flash-forward scene from the Season 3 finale.

4. Veronica will meet an unexpected relative.

With both of Veronica's parents now in jail, she pretty much has free reign... but that may not last long. Camila Mendes revealed that Veronica will meet an extended family member that she previously did not know existed at the start of the fourth season, and it sounds like this mysterious new Lodge will create a lot of waves in her life.

5. The Core Four are starting a band.

Archie's passion for music has definitely fallen to the wayside in recent seasons, but he will be picking up his guitar once again in Season 4. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa revealed that Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead will form a band called the Archies in the new season, and compete in a battle of the bands.

Riverdale Season 4 will premiere on Oct. 9 on the CW.