5 Underrated Reasons To Go Backpacking With Only Your Sister

by Tessa Harvey

There are so many things you'll add to your bucket list throughout your 20s. Naturally, you want to travel and experience all the world has to offer. You want to get a taste of what it's like outside of your comfort zone. The world is an incredibly big place, and it truly is yours for the taking. Luckily for you, you've got the perfect travel partner built in. There are so many reasons to go backpacking with your sister.

Backpacking seems to be on everyone's bucket list these days — and truthfully, I really don't blame them. Whether you're an outdoorsy person by nature, or you'll do pretty much anything for that perfect Instagram shot, backpacking offers something special for everyone. It's a major 20s to-do checkpoint. I mean, when else is the perfect time to pack up and spend a few days (or, if you're brave, a few weeks) out braving the wilderness with your partner in crime?

When you're with your sister, you don't have to pretend. Lucky you, because your backpacking trip might bring on a couple of surprises, and you need the best of the best by your side when you go through it all. Need some more convincing? These five reasons to go backpacking with your sister will have you packing your bags ASAP.

You Can Entertain Each Other With Childhood Stories

Whether you're backpacking for a day or plan on trekking your way through a week, not every moment will be spent ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the scenery around you. Sure, it's ideal, and we like to thing we wouldn't be bored at all... but the truth is, you'll probably get at least a little bit bored.

So, when you're out among the scenic foliage, your ankles are a little scratched up, and you're wondering why you're not watching "The Bachelor" at home, just look over. You've got the best partner around. Swap your favorite childhood memories, break out some trail mix, and neither of you will be able to stop talking or laughing.

She'll Never Let You Forget That You Did This Together

There's always one thing you can rely on your sister for — she'll never let your forget your most embarrassing moments. Whether you want to or not, there's no doubt that if you fall more times than you can count, your sleeping bag gets soaked by the rain, or you put too much water in your dehydrated dinner, she's not going to let your forget it.

The silver lining? She also won't let you forget that together, the two of you accomplished something absolutely amazing. It's a memory you won't ever forget, and you'll have the pictures to cherish for a lifetime.

She Can't Say No To Sharing Gear

Everyone knows one of the most physically exhausting parts of backpacking is all that gear you're stuck carrying around. When you're backpacking with friends or not-so-close accquaintances, you know you're in for carrying a whole lot more stuff. But when it's your sis, you don't have to worry.

You know she's down for sharing a double sleeping bag (but, you know you're the one who's going to be carrying it), packets of food, and even a water bottle. You've been sharing stuff your whole life — a backpacking trip isn't going to change that.

You Both Know How To Keep The Other Motivated

When the going gets tough, you keep each other moving forward. You're going to be physically, and probably mentally, exhausted. There are few people I know who can keep up a consistently smiley attitude through all of those emotions (and if you're one of those people, major props to you). Most of us, however, succumb to the cranky feels.

The good thing about backpacking with your sis is that she's already seen you at your worst, a million times over. She knows what to say to get you up off your butt and hustling again, and you can do the same for her. All sisters know that your main girl is your biggest support system.

You Can Handle The Rough Terrain

When tensions are high, I'll be the first to admit — I don't always take the high road. You may have found yourself there as well on road trips, long days at the amusement park, or when the AC has been broken for ages. Luckily, attitudes are nothing new for the two of you.

Chances are high that two of you will share your fair share of squabbles over the trip, but if your years together have taught you anything, it's that no fight can separate you for long.