5 People Reveal The Most Cringeworthy Times Their Parents Walked In On Them, & OMG
by Korey Lane

One of the most mortifying things that can ever happen to you as a sexually active, consenting adult is being caught having sex. Really, the worst-case scenario would be for your parents to catch you doing the deed. Can you imagine? Well, you don't have to, because these stories of people whose parents walked in during sex are seriously cringeworthy. But, they somehow lived to tell the tale.

The thing is, no matter how cool your parents are, you never want them to see you doing the most intimate act on earth. It's just not natural. So, what happens when the worst-case scenario of getting it on occurs? Well, I dug into the depths of the internet (read: Reddit) to find some real-life stories from people who have experienced the closest thing to hell on earth. And let me tell you, not only are these stories cringeworthy, but they might even ruin sex for you all together. (OK, so that is a lot. Maybe for just like an hour or so.)

Still, you get my point. If nothing else, let these true tales serve as a warning call for all who read them. And most importantly: Always lock the door.

Whatever you do, don't Google "vinegar strokes" at work, people.
Was in high school and I had ditched for the day with the boyfriend. Went back to my place for the sexy time. 10 minutes later, unbeknownst to me my mother brought my little brother home from primary school because he was sick. She throws the door open to see my boyfriend's vinegar strokes as he's banging me doggystyle. She slammed the door and left without saying anything. We get dressed, go out and see my brother who stares wide eyed at me and goes "I don't know what the f*ck you did but she's going to murder someone."


Well hello there, dad.
My ex's bed was laid out so the foot of the bed was facing the door. One day we were 69ing and I was on top with my p*ssy facing the door. We had forgot to lock it and when the door suddenly opened my ex dropped his face and his father got a nice, long look of my snatch. I couldn't look him in the eye for months.


Honestly, sex and cookies don't sound that bad.
My boyfriend's grandparents lived with him and they were at a doctor appointment for his grandmother to have a quick cataract surgery that morning. We were going at it and didn't hear them get back earlier than expected. We were butt naked, doggy style when his grandma opened the door to his bedroom letting us know they were home. My boyfriend flopped on top of me and I flattened out when we heard the door open. When she saw what was going on, she panicked and ran out of the room slamming the door.
Luckily though, because of the surgery, she couldn't see that we were naked and just thought she walked in on a make out session. We were still in high school at the time and only had been dating a month so I was freaking out, knowing that she must think I'm a whore but all she said later that day was, "sorry I walked in on you two kissing, would you like some cookies?"


Well, at least she woke up on time.
Mom walked in on my boyfriend and I post-sex. We were naked, cuddling with no blanket in my room when suddenly I hear my mom cry out my name in mild panic. We had just enough time to cover the goods when she burst through the door and saw us both. She relaxed a bit and we all laughed for a good five minutes.
The reason for her outburst was because she woke up late and realized that I asked her to wake me up at a certain time to meet with my (then) new boyfriend. I woke up on my own before it was time.


Honestly, double standards suck.
My mom walked in on my high school boyfriend and I. She called his dad who gave him a pat on the back when he got home and I was grounded for a month and put on birth control pills.


Hopefully, you never have to experience the terrible feeling that is locking eyes with your parents while doing the deed. But on the off chance that you do, try to laugh about it, if you can. It might take you days, weeks, or years to recover, but when you do, you'll have a great story to tell.

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