If You Finally Match With Your High School Crush Over The Holidays, Use These 5 Opening Lines

One of the best (and arguably worst) things about online dating is that you never really know who you're gonna bump into on an app. You might be swiping along and suddenly see your ex, your best friend, a co-worker, or someone completely unexpected like the hunk you had heart eyes for in high school. Eeeek! You're suddenly sweating and don't know what to say. In fact, you probably never even considered that one day, you'd need to think of opening lines to send to your high school crush on Tinder.

Well, here you are. Your heart starts pounding like it did when you used to pass this dreamboat in the hallways at school. So now what? What should you do if you're swiping through Tinder and you see your OG crush? First of all, you'll need to decide whether to swipe right or left. That's the thing about Tinder, isn't it? You'll never know if someone swipes right on you unless you take that plunge too. If you decide to go for it, and lo and behold, It's a match, what's next? I recommend keeping your cool, and taking things a step further than jotting down his or her name all over your spiral notebook.

That's why I've compiled the best five opening lines to send your high school crush when you finally match on Tinder. Keep these on hand and bust them out the next time you're at a loss for words on a dating app.

"Hey! It's been a while."
Guille Faingold

This is a pretty simple opening line, but it's honest and direct. Assuming your crush remembers who you are from high school, they might be equally surprised to see you on the app. Go with your gut and don't try to play it too coy. Is this person in town temporarily, do they go to the same college as you, or did they recently move to the same city you live in? Ask them what they're up to.

Of course, it's possible you've already stalked them on social media and know exactly what they've been up to, but a straightforward message is still a good place to start.

A lot of people are totally against opening messages of "Hey" or "Hi," but since you already know this person, you can kind of treat the situation like you would if you ran into them at Starbucks. Keep your opening line light and breezy, and see where the conversation goes from there.

"You're a ______ now? Bad*ss!"
Stocksy / Kkgas

Your high school crush's Tinder profile might show that they have a cool job or project they're working on. Acknowledging what they're up to with this opening line is a simple, all-encompassing way to not only note that you already who this person is, but it also includes a compliment. It's certainly possible that you crushed on them from afar and they may not remember you, in which case you might want to add, "You went to _____ High, right?"

This message opens up the conversation and allows for them to do a little humble-bragging. People love talking about themselves, so this line opens the door for them to tell you all about their current accomplishments. Plus, you might get to do a little boasting of your own!

"I almost didn't recognize you without your ______!"
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Did your high school crush used to have braces, glasses, or a particular hat they never took off? Maybe they frequently donned a uniform in the hallways at school.

Whether your crush knew who you were or not, a great way to kick off a conversation with them is to point out that you remember them from your high school days with a funny line and see where the conversation goes from there.

Just keep in mind that people change a lot after high school — who they are now might not necessarily match who they appeared to be then.

"Remember the time when ______?"
Stocksy / Miquel Llonch

An opening line that refers to a specific high school memory will only work if you actually have any shared memories with that person. But if you do, this can be an excellent way to break the ice.

Maybe you were in the same social studies class and your teacher asked everyone to participate in something ridiculous. Or maybe something unforgettable happened at a school assembly one day. Whatever it is, this common ground might be just the thing to get the conversation rolling.

"This is an unexpected surprise. Would you be down to meet up sometime?"
Stocksy / Santi Nunez

Sometimes it's best to just skip the BS and ask someone out on a dating app. This opening line is direct which may feel scary, but it also might get you the most direct response. See if your grownup heartthrob wants to meet up for coffee, grab a drink, or go on a walk to catch up.

When you ask someone out on a dating app, they can accept, decline, or ignore you. The last option totally sucks, but you'll never know if you don't try!

While some people might prefer messaging back and forth for at least a day or two before setting up a time to meet up, others like to skip the funny business and get straight to the point. You already know this person (or at least know who they are) so your best bet for an opening line might be to get right to it.

Depending on your online dating style, you might prefer to just start with a simple "What's up," a flattering conversation starter, or a straightforward opening line. The worst that can happen is that they ignore you or turn you down, but you'll never know if you don't try, so get out there, girl!

As with all Tinder matches, maybe it'll turn into something, and maybe it won't. But you've come a long way from the person you were in high school — no more nerdy, shy chic! — and now's your chance to do something you always dreamed about. So relax, take a breath, and send that message like the confident, grown-*ass woman that you are.