5 'Friends' Moments That Pretty Much Sum Up Your Friend Group

I love the sitcom Friends. I know my obsession with this show isn't surprising or that unique, but I can't help but proclaim my love for the funny moments in Central Perk, purple apartment in New York City, and awkward first dates. Don't even get me started on the moments from Friends about friendship, because they pretty much sum up my friend group.

Actually, we can talk about those moments, because you just might feel the same way. You can quote every single episode from the 10 seasons, and even tell the members of your crew which outfits Rachel wore when she ran into the "yeti" in the basement, interviewed for a job at Bloomingdale's, and hung out at the museum with Ross.

I'd even be willing to bet you've scoped out the coffee shops in your area, in hopes that you and your crew could find your own orange couch to banter on. Of course, they've helped you out and even worn wedding dresses and tossed you a bouquet on a casual afternoon when you were feeling down. After all, that's what friends are for, and what happens in these amazing moments from Friends about friendships. It's wild how the scenes from this show pretty much sum up your friend group, too, huh?

When Nobody Is Ready To Go Out

The first of these moments is when nobody's ready to go out to Ross's big event. Chandler and Joey are fighting over who gets to sit in the chair, and Rachel keeps going back into her closet with new outfit options for the gang to vote on. The only one who's really put together is Phoebe. To say the least, Ross gets frustrated as the taxis arrive outside the apartment building. It's a total mess until suddenly the gang is on their way to the event and wearing the proper attire.

Every time you watch this episode and all the chaos goes down, it may remind you of Friday and Saturday nights with your friend group. Typically, you're all rushing around half-distracted, too, getting second opinions on outfits and trying to confirm when everybody is actually leaving. In five minutes, maybe?

When Chandler And Monica Are Secretly Dating

Your friend group is open and honest with each other, but every once in a while, there may be a secret that nobody knows about. Someone might have a secret crush, or there's a story about Disney World and tacos that's remained on the DL. Eventually, the story gets told, but until then, your lives are like Chandler and Monica when they were secretly dating.

During that time period of the show, the new couple dealt with a whole bunch of cover-ups that involved kissing, diving into a bubble bath, and explaining Polaroid pictures in the apartment. They pretended they were doing laundry or going on business trips when they were really hanging out.

Of course, when the secret was finally revealed the entire gang was supportive and happy for them. That's also very similar to your crew, who cheers each other on at every major life event.

When Ross Buys A Couch And Has To Move It

If #adulting has taught you anything, it's that friends come in handy for many reasons. Other than texting you about the new and exciting drama on Bachelor in Paradise at midnight and being there on your wedding day, they're also the main people you go to when there's a job to get done. They help you move out or in, drive you to the airport, and pivot a couch up a flight of stairs.

The episode when Ross buys a couch and has to bring it to his place reminds you of this every time. As Rachel and Chandler help him maneuver it up the tiny flight of stairs, you laugh and think, "This would totally be my friend group too." What can I say, there's a reason why the show is called Friends.

When Monica Gets Stung By A Jellyfish

The people in your friend group would do just about anything for you. They'd bring you an extra fork if there was a particularly tasty cheesecake sitting in the hallway. And TBH, if you were stung by a jellyfish, they may even summon up the courage to pee on you.

Monica, Chandler, and Joey were in that exact situation in Friends, and proved that it's what some friends would do for each other. They do what they can to make the other person feel better, even if it means going through an awkward and embarrassing moment together. They pick each other up when they're feeling down, or when it hasn't been their day, month, or even year. (OK, you get the point.)

When They Quiz Each Other

Last but not least, one of the best friendship moments in Friends that totally reminds you of your friend group is when the gang quizzes each other. They set up a Jeopardy-style game and ask each other questions like, "What is Monica's biggest pet peeve?" and "What's Chandler Bing's job?" (Was that one even fair? Come on!)

The best part? Each member of the friend group knows the majority of the answers within seconds. They know how many categories of towels Monica has, and what Chandler's name reads on his magazine subscription. It's an amazing moment when they realize how well they've gotten to know each other over the years and how integrated they are in each other's lives.

You could say that you and your friend group are the exact same way, knowing exactly what each other's order are at the coffee shop or which condiment a particular BFF likes best with their fries. What more could you ask for?