5 Loving Texts To Send On Valentine’s Day That Are As Sweet As They Are Sexy

Who says that sexts can't be as sweet as a heart-shaped chocolate box? Sex is, after all, one of our ways of expressing passionate, romantic energy. Sexting is simply the modern form of communicating that passion, enticing someone, and letting them know that you find them desirable. That all sounds pretty sweet to me. These sexts for Valentine's Day are tender, affectionate, and maybe aren't so much about pure, unbridled, overwhelming passion as they are heartfelt ways to tell your partner how you really feel. Because talking about feelings should be sexy — not just on Feb. 14, but on every other day in the calendar year.

Honestly, if we're not talking about our emotions then what are we doing here? Sending a sext that tells the other person exactly how much you want them and for how long is all very well and good, if the moment is right. But finding a way to communicate that you aren't interested in possessing their body, that you are just as invested in their mental landscape and their emotional waters as you are in the sex, is honestly the sexiest thing that anyone could ever say.

Here are some sexts that communicate that feeling, even if not in so many words:

1. "Can't Wait To Fall Asleep In One Another's Arms, Wake Up Together, And Share What We Dreamed About."

Do you know what the best thing about being in a relationship is? Having someone there who is obligated to listen to you describe your elaborate dreams. The second best thing about being in a relationship is having someone who is interested in helping you decipher those dreams. The reason that dream divination is second best is because not everyone is a master dream interpreter, but they're still deserving of love, I guess.

2. "Want To Come Over, Take Off All Our Clothes, And Talk About The Future?"

Laying skin to skin next to your lover and talking about the future you want to manifest for yourselves is probably the sexiest activity you could partake in this Valentine's Day. Ask one another: Where do you want to travel in 2018? What do you want to do for money, and how could you be getting more satisfaction out of life? What are your hopes and ambitions, and how can we help one another make it a reality? This activity is somewhere between dirty talk and life coaching, and trust me, whether or not an orgasm is involved, it still feels great.

3. "Life Is Hard, But Being With You Makes Me Want To Get Better At It Every Day!"

Look, guys, can we just acknowledge for a second that being alive on a day to day basis is, like, the most intense thing that you can do? And that choosing to walk through life with someone else is probably the most reassuring gesture that you can make toward another person? Being able to form supportive partnerships that are nourishing, even when obstacles crop up in your way is a beautiful thing, and Valentine's Day is a good time to acknowledge this simple and truthful fact.

4. "I Would Like To Cook You A Whole Chicken For Dinner And Cake For Dessert."

Texting your partner vivid descriptions of what you want to provide for them is super hot, super loving, and shows them how much you care. Because love isn't about what you can receive from another person, but what you have the capacity to give them out of the pureness of your heart. So get out the pots and pans and cook your Valentine that whole chicken. They deserve it.

5. "It's So Scary To Be In Love, But I Love You So Much That I Am Not Afraid!"

Love is terrifying! Anyone who doesn't agree with that statement is in denial! If love wasn't terrifying, then people wouldn't be so hung up about falling in or out of it! If love wasn't terrifying, we wouldn't have commitment issues, emotional baggage, jealousy, and problems opening up! Falling in love is basically like sliding head first down a rocky cliff while screaming and laughing simultaneously. It's scary, exhilarating, and basically requires having enough faith in the universe to take the leap — faith in the universe and in each other, that is. This Valentine's Day, you might as well acknowledge the sheer terror and delight that comes from being in love.

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