How To Use Crystals For More Than Just Healing In Your Everyday Life

by Minerva Siegel
Photo By Minerva Siegel

I absolutely adore crystals. I have a pretty comprehensive collection of them, and I totally treasure each one. I feature them pretty frequently in my Instagram stories, sometimes alongside tarot spreads or surrounding the edges of my bathtub as I prepare for nights of pampering self-care and luxe relaxation. Rose quartz is my favorite crystal (basic alert, right?), because not only does it attract love and give off calming, emotionally healing vibes, it's my favorite color. There's something about that gorgeous shade of light pink that just makes me feel right at home, no matter where I am, so I'm especially careful to take some rose quartz with me while traveling. Whether you're here for their healing vibes or not, there’s something undeniably attractive about crystals that makes them totally Instagrammable.

People have been seeing the value in crystals for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians used quartz during burials, believing it helped to guide the dead in the afterlife. Hematite was used by Ancient Greeks for protection in battle. While crystals have come in and out of vogue throughout the centuries, today, the crystal market is absolutely booming. Millennials are increasingly identifying as non-religious and becoming more open to alternative spiritualities, and crystals are often viewed as an intrinsic part of modern day mysticism and New Age culture. Even so, how you use your crystals is up to you. Here are five gorgeous ways to use them in your everyday life.

Get Your Ohm On With Healing Crystals


Premium Healing Crystals Gift Kit, $24.87, Amazon

Crystals are great to turn to when you're feeling blue after a bad date, stressed out by work, or in need of some zen after a night of tossing and turning. For example, rose quartz is believed to attract love and soothe emotional distress. I keep rose quartz in my purse, so I'm attracting good vibes wherever I go. Aventurine is said to give off an optimistic energy that encourages self-confidence, making it my go-to crystal when I catch myself worrying. Black tourmaline is a fixture on my bedside table, as it protects against nightmares and negative energy. Sometimes, I meditate with specific crystals relevant to my emotional needs of the day by grasping them in my hands or holding them over my “third eye” while practicing mindfulness. No matter what kind of day I've had, healing crystals always seem to make me feel better.

High Vibe Bling

There are so many ways to wear crystals as jewelry. Some people rock crystal diadems, while others like a more low-key look and go for crystal rings or simple crystal necklaces. I have a lot of crystal jewelry, but this piece is my favorite. Grace Mateo of Two Locked Bulls made me this gorgeous necklace, featuring a piece of spirit quartz. Spirit quartz crystals are said to give off seriously strong vibes, so I wear it whenever I’m feeling extra witchy.

Beyond that, it’s a killer statement piece that I love to rock with black outfits for a spooky aesthetic. No matter what your vibe is, there's a way to incorporate crystal jewelry seamlessly into your look.

Infuse Your Water With Good Vibes

Image via VitaJuwel on Amazon

Vita Juwel Bottle With Gem Pod Crystals, $181.99, Amazon

I stumbled upon this luxury-priced VitaJuwel ViA Wellness Gem-Water Bottle while perusing Amazon and instantly fell in love. It’s essentially a simple glass water bottle with crystals in it. There’s a glass container fused to the bottom to separate the little store of crystals from coming into contact with whatever liquid you’re drinking, as they can be toxic. So make sure you don't ever just throw crystals into your drinking water. Since crystals are said to have healing properties, the idea behind this is that you’re infusing your water with whatever benefits the crystals have to offer.

I honestly don’t know whether I’m in love with the idea of infusing my water with good vibes, or whether I’m just attracted to how very extra the whole concept is. Either way, you have to admit, this bottle makes a statement.

Protect Your Coffee Table While Manifesting Good Vibes

Image via Godinger on Amazon

Godinger Silver White Quartz Edge Set, $25.62, Amazon

These are the most gorgeous, Instagrammable coasters I've ever seen in my life. They come in a variety of different colors, too. White quartz is great for manifesting your dreams and amplifying energy, so it's perfect for goal-oriented people who want to move mountains. I frequently use white quartz when practicing tarot because it also aids in communication. This coaster set would look great in my Instagram stories surrounding a tarot spread. Beyond giving off positive energy, the coasters add a bit of earthy glam to any table, and I am obsessed.

Glam Up Your Greenery

Image via Aura Creations on Amazon

Aura Creations Air Plant Crystals Kit, $18.95, Amazon

Air plants are incredibly simple to care for, which is great, because I’m team can’t-keep-anything-green-alive. Air plants don’t need soil, and they only need to be watered about once a week. Plus, they look super chic nestled in crystals. I'm totally feeling this set of mixed crystal planters. Très chic.

There are so many totally Instagrammable ways to use crystals. Whether you soak up good vibes by meditating with them, wearing them, making them part of your hydration routine, or using them in your home decor scheme, crystals are super trendy and sure to get you some social media likes. So, pick up a few and snap a shameless selfie. It's the age of social media, and there's no shame in your crystal game.