The Perfect Mother's Day Gifts To Send Your Mom If You Live Far Away From Each Other

Honey Belle/Etsy

When holidays like Mother's Day roll around, you're probably not going to be hop on a last-minute plane to show up at your loved one's front door with a bouquet of daisies and some cinnamon rolls, even if, in a perfect world, you'd love to do exactly that. But when you and your mom are separated by a sizable distance, that doesn't mean you can't celebrate Mother's Day at all. Rather, it's all about calling her first thing in the morning, Skyping into brunch, and of course, thinking of the perfect gifts to send your mom on Mother's Day. It's these little things that'll help bring you and your mom a little closer together, despite your distance when you've decided to move, like, 3,000 miles across the country.

Heck, your gifts could be so good this year, that your mom might even forget you aren't there to serve her breakfast in bed. A girl can dream, right?

But listen, living far away from your family can be really tough sometimes, especially if you're emotionally close with them. Putting in a little extra effort to say, "I love you, ma," with a gift that's all about finding ways you two can stay connected, will make this Mother's Day one your incredible mama won't soon forget.

Beautiful Stationary So You Two Can Be Old-Fashioned Pen Pals
Letter Seals

LetterSeals Red Florentine Writing Paper - Italian Letterpress, $17, Etsy

There's nothing better than a letter, and in this day and age, getting a handwritten letter is pretty much as rare as spotting a bald eagle.

This Mother's Day, commit to sending letters back and forth with your favorite lady. Even if you only write to each other once a month or so, having real, handwritten notes will be something you both will treasure forever.

A Back-Friendly Bag She Can Bring On The Plane To Visit You

ZEBRA S Bag, $75, Ameribag

These bags are great because they're specially designed to be kind to your spine. In fact, I got one for my own mama, and she loves the way it feels on her back and how easy it is to carry.

Tell your mom you're getting her the perfect carry-on bag to bring with her on the plane when she has a chance to come and visit you later in the summer.

A Book You Can Both Read At The Same Time
Crow Bookshop

My Brilliant Friend, $17, Crow Bookshop

Mother-daughter book club, anyone? Yes, please! Choose a book — or heck, a series — that you and your mom can read at the same time, and then you two can chat late into the night about all the wild plot twists. I suggest the Neapolitan series by Elena Ferrante if you haven't read it already, because it's such a crowd-pleaser.

A DIY Remote Spa Date
Honey Belle

DIY Detox Mask - Matcha Mint, $16, Honey Belle

Can't make it to the spa together? No worries — you two can choose a nice Sunday evening to do a remote, DIY spa day at the very same time. Send your mom a little basket with her favorite at-home spa treats, and if you're feeling really cutesy, get the two of you some matching robes to bundle up in.

The screenshot of the two of you Skyping while in twin terry cloths and pink face masks will make for a pretty darling Instagram post, no?

An Astrology Chart Reading

Strategic Astrology Reading With Patricia Clark Hippolyte, $125, RA MA Institute

Remind your mom that you two live under the same sky by booking her a fascinating, insightful birth chart reading.

These readings can be done remotely, and you can have your choice of astrologers, too! Be sure to hop on the phone with your mom when she's done, so you two can unpack every little spooky detail the astrologer had to offer.