5 Just-Because Gifts To Give Your Partner When You Want To Surprise Them

by Cosmo Luce

Want to surprise your partner, but worried that you're not a good gift giver? Sometimes, the best gifts and most surprising gifts to give your partner are those they wouldn't think of themselves. You don't have to know entirely what your partner likes in order to give them something nice. Giving them something that you like, contributing to their daily rituals, or even sending them a Spotify playlist can brighten their day and fill their thoughts with you.

Personally, I love going shopping with people and paying attention to objects that they linger over but decide to put away. Giving somebody you love something they won't give themselves is a beautiful, thoughtful gesture that shows that you're intuitive to their needs and desires and want them to have whatever makes them happy. But if you're dating somebody who absolutely abhors shopping (been there) or if you're completely over your budget for the month (also been there), you can opt to give your partner something thoughtful, inexpensive, and still totally surprising and unique.

1. A Book You Love

Reading the same book as someone you love is a beautiful way to connect with them, mentally. What was the last book you really loved? Next time you're out and about, stop by a bookstore and pick it up for your partner.

Haven't read anything spectacular lately? Or are you completely broke this month? You can still think back to your favorite myths or fairytales from childhood and find either an inexpensive copy in a used book store or even download a PDF from online. It's not about the money you spend, but the intention you have when share something that is an important part of you.

2. An At-Home Spa Experience

All you need to give your partner a surprising at-home spa experience is a bathtub, some new, delightfully scented candles, and some massage oil. Time the gift for when they're tired and just getting off of work or for a lazy Sunday when you both have nothing better to do. Set the scene with lots of candles, warm, fluffy towels, and flower petals in the bath. Especially as the weather turns colder, a hot, steamy bath is the nicest gift you can give your partner "just because."

3. Homemade Salt Scrub

If you want to encourage your partner to do more self-care, making them a salt scrub is a beautiful way to encourage them to spend more time on themselves. Salt scrubs remove dead skin and exfoliate it to leave it softer.

You can use sea salt, epsom salts, or even basic kosher salt. Blend with essential oils — lavender or citrus is amazing — and refined coconut oil. The refined coconut oil is important because it's scentless. Regular coconut oil would overwhelm the essential oil with its smell. You can even toss in some rose petals for an extra nice touch, then store it in an airtight container. Salt is a preservative, so your mixture can actually last your partner years.

4. A New Crystal

If your partner is into crystals, figure out what their collection could use. If they aren't into crystals yet, think about something that your partner can accomplish, then pick out a piece that will help them manifest their intention. Crystals are an incredible way to help a person practice mindfulness for clarity, and introducing them into your partner's space is a beautiful way to show that you want them to have daily internal peace.

5. Make Them A Mixtape

Remember when your high school crush gave you a mixtape? Remember how you drove around for weeks with it playing on your stereo? Giving your partner a playlist is one of the sweetest ways to serenade them when you don't have a singing voice. You don't even have to do that much — as long as you like the same music, your efforts will move them.

So go ahead. It doesn't have to be a special occasion or anybody's birthday to show your partner that you appreciate them, and you certainly don't have to go too far out of pocket. Give your partner something small that will brighten their day, and make them feel good each time they return to it.

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