Holiday Gifts To Give Your Girlfriend According To…

by Elite Daily Staff

Unless she’s been hinting at it in a big way, it’s hard to choose the right gift for your girlfriend/hooking up consistently buddy/togetherish friend during the holiday season. Spending too much might give her the wrong impression, but spending too little will be a total turn-off.

So you’ve been dating or sleeping together or texting or whatever it is that you guys do for a certain amount of time and you’re not quite sure what’s appropriate? We’re here to guide you every step of the way to find the perfect gift, wrapped in the cleverest idea.

Only been seeing each other for a month? Not sure what to call yourselves? Celebrating the first Chrismukkah together? We’ve got the most thoughtful presents for each relationship milestone.

One Month: Sleeping In

Enjoy this joyful time together by celebrating in a small, but meaningful way: hibernate inside from the frosty weather while doing festival activities like building gingerbread houses, baking Santa pancake cut-outs and cuddling to a marathon of holiday movies. Since you guys are just starting out, it’s better to wait on the investment and instead give her an intangible gift that will create real memories.

Make your time together really sparkle with a pop of Chandon’s Holiday Kit glitter sparkling wine and matching nail polish. Covered in snow white with flecks of gold, silver and red, the special edition Chandon bottle and glistening Formula X for Sephora nailpolish is a present that will make the dazzle last, from first pop, to last sip.

Sparkle Bomb Holiday Kit, $30, Chandon

Three Months: Everything S’well

It’s still relatively early in the relationship to splurge on an expensive present, but you want to show her that you care and are thinking about her. Everyone keeps saying how well you both complement each other, so we’ve got the perfect duo for The Perfect Duo: S’well water bottles + ice skating.

Take her to the rink and bring along a S’well water bottle filled with spiked hot chocolate for the two of you. Don’t worry about the cocoa getting cold – these polished, fashion-forward stainless steel bottles stay hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24.

Even after you two leave the ice, she’ll be thinking of you each time she reaches for a sip. The best part? S’well bottles don’t bead on the outside, so her overstuffed tote bag will stay dry.

S’well water bottles come in three different sizes – share the largest for the spiked cocoa and bring two small cold ones for later when you both will really break a sweat.

S'well Water Bottle, $35, Amazon

Six Months: Give Good

At six months, you guys are pretty much on the track to boyfriend/girlfriend seriousness, but you still have to work to impress her. Do the unexpected, capitalize on the holiday spirit, and give her a gift that gives back to others as well. Your present will be sure to make an impact on both your new gal and the world.

We recommend the online shop, Given Goods, for all your socially-conscious purchases. You can readily trace your tangible social impact with each product offered in their marketplace-style site. We especially like the high-quality home goods that come with an interesting story.

Silk Scarf, $50, Sseko Designs | Statement Earrings, $30, Handcrafting Hope | Wine Inspired Soy Candle, $28, Rescued Wine Candles | Beauty Essentials-Skin Dew, $58, One Love Organics | Be the Good, $25, Fresh Words Market | Given Goods Bracelet, $28, Given Goods

Nine Months: Indulge Together

Indulge your girlfriend with a gift that keeps on giving. Hatchery is a uniquely flavorful, artisanal tasting box that delivers hand-picked ingredients monthly. You’ve waited all your life in search of the best woman for you, and they’ve traveled all over the country in search of the best tasting ingredients to share each month.

Perfect for a girlfriend who is a foodie, an aspiring cook or a kitchen pro, Hatchery will give you a reason to forgo delivery. Unleash your inner Tom Colicchio and shake things up with a special “Top Chef” style competition night.

Tasting Box, $20/mo, Hatchery

One Year: Pure Bliss

This time of year, all we want to do is stay warm, cuddle and feel luxurious. What’s more fitting than gifting her with a couple’s massage and organic products from 80 Acres? The olive oil based body care line features aromatic candles, sumptuous lotions and decadent bath salts available in three mind-blowing scents, exclusively sourced from the famed McEvoy ranch.

Enjoy a quiet moment together during your couple’s massage and then take the spa home with you. Later, you can surprise her with a romantic bubble bath or exfoliating rub-down.

Blood Orange Collection, $9-$38, 80 Acres by McEvoy Ranch

One Year And Six Months: Get In Her Head

Living surrounded by the noises of the city or not, everyone is in need of a good pair of quality headphones. To bring the gift of music is bringing so much more than a tangible gift she can shove in the back of her closet. So if you want to give your significant other the gift of alone time that you both rightly need, get her a pair of Grado Labs Headphones.

Grado headphones can reproduce a natural soundstage from stereo recordings and provide pure listening pleasure. Grado headphones are free of room effects and placement problems, and they minimize any interference from external noise. Handcrafted in the USA, these are the headphones that are worth purchasing.

SR225e Grado Lab Headphones, $200, Amazon

Two Years Plus: Turn It Up A Notch

Being together for over two years means that it’s time to turn up the volume on your relationship. This holiday present calls for an investment piece that will last, something thoughtful that will shake things up and amplify your commitment to her. Enter Bowers & Wilkins Z2 Portable Speaker; it’s the key component to her ladies cocktail parties, your impromptu couch sessions and everything in between.

The sound quality is unmatched, the special features allow you to play music wirelessly and through AirPlay, and the design is sleek and versatile. Don’t be nervous that your less-than-tech-savvy-girlfriend won’t understand how to work the speaker – Bowers & Wilkins Control app makes it super easy to follow. This is the top-notch portable speaker for the top-notch gal.

The Bowers & Wilkins Z2 pumps an impressive amount of volume for its convenient size (that’s what she said!) and delivers a rich, balanced sound. The speaker itself is almost as sexy as your girlfriend.

Is she still playing music from her computer? Does a red-cup double as her sound system? Partner, let me upgrade you.

Z2 Portable Speaker, $400, Bowers & Wilkins

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