5 Gifts For Your Partner's Parents To Really Impress Them During The Holidays

Holiday gift shopping is one of the few drawbacks of the season. No, it’s not because I’d rather buy gifts for myself — although this is not untrue — but because every year, there’s always at least two people on my list I have no idea how to shop for. If you’re in a relationship, it’s probably no secret who these people are: your partner’s parents. Coming up with the perfect gifts for your partner’s parents is never easy, especially if you haven’t really spent a lot of time with them.

I’ve learned that asking your partner for help in this area is a similarly frustrating exercise because they’ll usually give you some lackluster, unconvincing response like, "I’m sure they’ll like anything you get them." That’s simply not true and not helpful. Like, at all.

Although I’ve lucked out of this particular holiday nightmare this year on account of my fondness for trolling guys on Tinder, I’ve been there before and I want to help. Here are five gift ideas you can give to your partner’s parents this holiday season.

1. An Edible Arrangement

I’ve done this before a couple times with a couple different partners (if I’m being honest) and it is always a hit. Sure, it might seem a little impersonal but it’s still obvious that you care enough to get them a gift. Edible Arrangements are especially perfect when you’re not sure if they’re more into sweets or fruits since most arrangements incorporate both.

I recommend getting this holiday-themed one to put a smile on their faces but really, anything from Edible Arrangements that meets your budget would work just as well. The best part is that you can have this gift delivered to them before your visit so they’re already excited to see you. It’s also a great gift idea if your partner’s parents live far away and you’ll only be meeting them via Skype or FaceTime this holiday season.

2. Wine

Before you consider this gift, confirm with your partner that their parents drink alcohol. You definitely don't want to risk offending them if they don't. If they do, you can never go wrong with wine. It's simple and classy, which suggests you are too.

Of course, choosing wine for an older, more experienced person can be a little intimidating. A good way around this is to select a holiday-themed wine gift like this one by Harry & David. The packaging is festive, leaving you with minimal post-purchase tasks to accomplish other than showing up with the gift in hand. Alternatively, much like the edible arrangement, you can have this delivered directly to your partner's parents' house as well.

Harry & David offers a couple variations of this holiday-themed wine gift so you can feel free to shop around. They also itemize the products included in each gift set so you could technically recreate your own, cheaper version of this if you'd like.

3. Scented Candles

It's a known fact that everyone loves scented candles, especially during the holidays. Instead of getting your partner's parents the latest White Barn holiday scents from Bath & Body Works, which they probably already have, spring for something a little fancier. These festive scents from Anthropologie — Fir & Firewood, Nightfall Cedar, and Toasted Almond — are the perfect alternative. My favorite thing about Anthropologie candles is that they look just as good as they smell.

4. Home Decor

Unlike you, your partner's parents have been adulting for a while now, which probably means that they are huge fans of home decor. It's just one of those unavoidable things that happens as you get older.

If, like me, you appreciate any excuse to stroll through the home decor aisles of Target, it's probably not a bad idea to cross a few people off your holiday gift list while you're in there. A simple vase, like this one, is a thoughtful gift your partner's parents are sure to love.

5. A Festive Serving Tray

Another practical gift idea for your partner's parents is a serving tray. This is perfect if you have absolutely no idea what to get them because it's almost guaranteed to come in handy during the holiday season. There are tons of options for cute serving trays but I recommend this hand-carved one from Pier 1 Imports.

Getting your partner's parents a gift is a must for the holidays. You want them to know that you're a kind, thoughtful person who cares about their son or daughter and their family. Even if you didn't get off to a great start with your partner's parents, giving them a gift this holiday season will prove that you're making an effort to be on their good side.

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