These Fitness Date Ideas Are Perfect For Valentine's Day If You're Over Dinner & A Movie

by Georgina Berbari

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and it's time to start thinking of a kickass date night for you and your SO. While some quality sushi, a glass of wine (or three), and the new 50 Shades movie all sound great, you're high-key over dinner and a movie, and you're itching to mix things up this year. Variety is the spice of life, right? If you and bae are looking for a more active night out, brainstorming some fitness date ideas for Valentine's Day might be the perfect way to go for the romantic occasion.

Listen, I'm not knocking the idea of going out and enjoying an amazing dinner for two — and by all means, you should totally grab some drool-worthy food after your romantic fitness excursion, since you'll probably work up an appetite, right? But seriously, dinner and a movie can basically go down any day of the year, and maybe this Feb. 14, you're looking to branch out from your typical date nights and trade in your favorite lipstick for your comfiest pair of Lulu leggings.

If that sounds like something you might be into, here are five fitness date ideas to prove that couples who sweat together, stay together.

Climb Some Rocks With Bae

Rock climbing is such an underrated and incredibly fun form of fitness, and it's totally ideal for a date with your loved one.

You won't just be building some major coordination, core strength, and agility; you'll also get to have some awesome and engaging one-on-one conversation with bae, that just wouldn't be the same during a typical dinner-and-a-movie date.

Think about it: When you're up on the wall and feel like you just don't have the strength to reach the next rock, your SO will be right alongside you to cheer you on and remind you of how freaking strong you actually are. Love and support FTW, people!

Try Ice Skating With Your Sweetie

Ice skating dates are pretty typical, but I bet you probably never considered lacing up your skates on date night to be a legit form of exercise.

Well, it totally is. If you and your lover decide to hit the ice his Valentine's Day, you'll be improving your balance, getting in some heart-healthy cardio, and relieving stress, all while enjoying one another's company and the ambiance of the rink.

If you just can't seem to keep your balance no matter how hard you try, and you low-key keep eating sh*t on the ice, take that as an opportunity to stay close to your SO, who can hold your hand and help you out as much as you need. After all, the night is all about ~romance~ right?

Roll Out Your Mat And Flow With Your SO

A soothing yoga flow is an incredible way to build a deeper connection as a couple come Feb. 14. Sure, you might not be able to chit chat to your heart's content, but if you put your mats alongside each other, you'll literally feed off of one another's energy, and it'll really make for a unique and special way to spend the romantic occasion together.

Try a restorative yoga class if you're looking for something more low-key, hot yoga if you want to see whether or not bae still loves you when you're drenched in sweat, or have your own private sesh with a YouTube video in the comfort of your home.

Go Hiking With Your Honey

If you're looking for more of an all-day affair with your SO this Valentine's Day, a good ol' hike through nature is where it's at, my friend. Grab your backpacks, water bottles, and some tasty snacks, and find the most gorgeous and scenic trail or mountain in your area for a totally refreshing and breathtaking date.

TBH, the absolute best conversations happen naturally while you're out hiking, sans technology. You'll be sure to remember this Valentine's Day outing for years to come.

Dance It Out With Your Lover

Kick it old school and go out dancing with your boyfriend or girlfriend for the time of your lives this Valentine's Day.

Even if you're like me and high-key have two left feet, it's sure to be a night full of laughter, kisses, and complete joy because, well, you're letting loose and being silly with your favorite person in the world.

Spin each other round and round and try not to get mad if the clumsier one of the two of you keeps crushing the other's toes. You can make up for it later with all the chocolate, cuddles, and some... steamier activities, know what I mean?