Impress Bae With These 5 Fancy Dates, Because They’ll Love Getting Spoiled By You

One of the best things about being in a long-term relationship is how comfortable and safe it feels. You know each other well and have found that sweet spot to coexist. However, there is a downside to all this comfort, and that's when you get too comfortable and fall into a routine. When that happens, sometimes all you need to spice things back up is to break out of the familiar and do something new — and if you're going to do something new and special, why not make it luxe, too? In that case, you'll need a few fancy date activities to plan. After all, doesn't bae deserve to be spoiled a little bit sometimes? It doesn't hurt that you'll get a little spoiled in the process too — just sayin'.

Whether you're looking to spice things up and get out of a rut, or you're in a new relationship and want to impress your date, sometimes you just need to up your game and take bae on an unforgettable date. It can be something private and romantic, or even something more adventurous. The point is to make sure it's something they would love to do, but wouldn't necessarily splurge on it for themselves. Sound fun? Great, then here are some fancy ideas to get you started.

Book a spa day for two.

I don't know about you, but the whole work/life balance thing is a real struggle. What makes a spa date for two so amazing is that it forces you both to stop, take a beat, and just relax and be in the moment together. It’s both physically and mentally healing, and sitting around in robes sipping on champs with your boo is super sexy, too.

Charter a boat.

If you live anywhere near a body of water, chances are there is someone somewhere who owns a boat and would very much like to rent it to you or take you out for a romantic sail. Depending on what kind of boat this is, you can either pack a romantic picnic and enjoy snacks and drinks on the water, or, if they offer a charter with service, then take advantage of all that luxury while you reconnect at sea.

Take a skydiving lesson.

True story: I did this on a date once, and it was epic. So, if your partner is the thrill-seeking type or has ever said they want to skydive, but you know they won't do it without an extra little push (both figuratively and literally, in this case), surprise them with a skydiving lesson, and then a celebratory meal after. Trust me, this is one date they will never forget.

Road trip to some place they’ve always wanted to see.

Has bae ever said they really want to see the Grand Canyon (or some other, more local locale)? Why not surprise them with a road trip to see the destination of their dreams? Tell them to put on comfortable shoes and some sunscreen (and grab anything they might need) and then hit the road. And don’t tell them where you’re going! Let them figure it out as you go.

Get a room at a swanky hotel.

Want to get super splurgy? Get a room at a swanky hotel with a view and room service. Spend the night (or two, if you're really doing it big) relaxing and taking in all the amenities the hotel has to offer, including spa services, the restaurants and bar, and of course, breakfast in bed. Glamorous, relaxing, and oh-so-romantic.

Did you just start looking up fancy hotels nearby? Just me? OK. Well, whatever speaks to your heart, I say go for it. Both you and your partner deserve a little more fancy romance in your life, so do something thoughtful for them and surprise them with a glam night (or day) out. Trust me, you won’t regret it.