These Fall Date Spots In Connecticut Are Truly Pumpkin To Talk About

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When the leaves begin to change and the air starts to smell like pumpkin spice and cinnamon lattes, I go into major fall mode. I start making plans to go to the fair on my days off and eat loaded baked potatoes, and text my boyfriend things like, "Look at these mini gourds I got at the grocery store." So you can imagine that, by now, I've scoped out the sweetest fall date spots in Connecticut.

I've tracked down the coffee shops that are decorated with the perfect purple and red flowers, and the hiking trails that are incredibly ideal for peeping at the foliage. I know what food trucks will score you the funniest snaps, and which carnival rides your boo will likely love most. Let me tell you: the beaches in this state are pumpkin to talk about this time of the year too. The sun might not be glowing quite as strong and the waves might be chilly, but the lack of crowds makes the shoreline a quaint spot to cuddle up and enjoy a picnic with bae.

Will you adventure to the breweries, farmers markets, and pizza joints to see the coziness and seasonal magic for yourself? I sure hope so, because these five spots in Connecticut are made for the fall dates you're planning with your SO and will give you two pumpkin amazing to talk about.

Grounded Coffee Co.

The first of these spots is a coffee shop that has aesthetically-pleasing outdoor decor and delicious honey lattes: Grounded Coffee Co. Located in Willimantic, this place is a total gem with its wood accents and amazing menu. From the moment you walk in and order a toasted bagel with a hot chocolate on the side, you'll feel right at home.

You and your SO will be surrounded by good vibes and can sit down for a while to chat. You may laugh about your summer memories and get into theories about the new series you just started on Netflix. It'll all be very romantic comedy-esque.

Sleeping Giant State Park
love always marisa

If you and your SO love the outdoors, you might want to check out Sleeping Giant State Park in Hamden for quality hiking trails and amazing #views of the foliage. Because I went to college across the street from this beautiful spot and have climbed many mountains in the state, I feel qualified to tell you it's one of the best and has something for everyone.

There are trails for the couple who wants to grab lunch after getting in touch with nature and not get too sweaty, and trails for the adventurous couple who's looking for a challenge. My suggestion is to follow the path you're both most comfortable with for a lovely date filled with fresh air.

The Beamhouse

One of my favorite things about living in Connecticut is there's no shortage of craft breweries and eateries. No matter what town you're in, you'll find a restaurant with a delicious menu that puts creative, authentic thought into how the dishes are prepared and presented.

The Beamhouse in Glastonbury is one of these eateries. It's a perfect fall date spot for you and bae. You'll enjoy perusing the menu at brunch or happy hour, and might find a new dish to try. After all, trying new things is a great way to bond with your SO and bring out the spontaneous side in both of you. Make it happen here.

Belltown Hill Orchards
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Fall dates are meant to be romantic to their (apple) core. They can feel like a movie when you and your SO grab a bite of an apple cider doughnut at the same time or run around a pumpkin patch. So it only makes sense you head to Belltown Hill Orchards in the next few months with your SO.

Pick up a fresh pie and flowers, and embrace the gourd times as they come. Hop on a tractor and take a ride to the fields. By the end of the day, I'm willing to bet your camera roll will be filled with lots of new selfies and adorable pics. Not to mention, your fridge will be stocked with jams, produce, and tasty treats.

The Beaches In East Lyme

Last but not least, going to the beaches in Connecticut in the middle of fall is something you can't miss out on. This is when the sand and surf in this region peak for the second time of the year and give you a slice of New England paradise. (Seriously, I don't think there's anything better than experiencing golden hour from a relaxing spot on the shore and eating snacks with your SO.)

Together, you'll be bundled up under a blanket or feelin' cozy in a couple of matching crewnecks. You'll take Polaroid pics with your spread and may even dip your toes in the gentle waves. In that moment, you'll fall head over heels for your person, this season, and life itself all over again. If that's not pumpkin to talk about later on, I don't know what is.

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