5 Dirty Questions To Ask Your Partner Over Text If You Want To Turn Them On Fast

by Alison Segel

After you've been dating your significant other for a while, your sex life can get stale, and texting throughout the day can get boring. Your relationship can get monotonous, and it's time to start shaking things up. But hallelujah, because there's a solution. All you need are some questions to ask your boyfriend that are super ~sexual~ in nature to spice things up between you guys. Because not everything you say to each other has to be emotionally vulnerable or along the lines of "will you pick up some pizza for me on the way home?" right?

However, sexting can be a risky game. One time, I sent my boyfriend a nude while his iMessage window was up on his computer during a work presentation. It did not go over well for him... or for me. (Or maybe it wasn't that bad for me, because apparently, I got some compliments on my bod — which I work hard for — but that's beside the point.) Sexting can be fun, but also dangerous. Be careful!

But anyway, I am not your mom. So here are some dirty questions to ask your boyfriend over text to turn him on. Because why not?

1. "What Do You Want To Do To Me The Next Time I See You?"

This question will definitely help set up a fantasy that will let your partner's imagination run wild. You can run wild right back with them, and if you're both at home (or in some sort of safe space), maybe start touching yourself and turn a texting convo into some text sex.

2. "I'm Horny. Should I Touch Myself Right Now?"

Men love to be the catalyst and supplier of the female orgasm. And if they can't be there in person to do it, they want to know you're thinking about them while you have one. Plus, the idea of you touching yourself will drive your significant other crazy.

3. "What's Your Fantasy?"

Ask your partner to tell you their detailed fantasy. If it's something you consent to and feel comfortable doing, act it out together the next time you hang out. If it involves role play, you can even go out and buy some costumes, and send your partner pics of you wearing them, so they know you're game for some experimentation.

4. "What Color Underwear Do You Think I'm Wearing Right Now?"

Most likely, the response to this question will be something along the lines of "show me," and it will lead to some sexting territory. So only shoot off this question if you're ready for a sexy photoshoot and not wearing your old, period-stained granny panties (which I'm pretty much sporting 24/7).

5. "What Do You Think About When You Jerk Off?"

Hopefully, your partner will say they think about you (and not Kate Upton or something) and then go into vivid detail about their favorite time you guys did the deed or their most outrageous sexual fantasy. This might lead your partner to actually J/O (if they can) or at least completely ravage your body later. What I'm saying is, this question will definitely make them horny.

But listen, sexting isn't for everyone. If it's not for you, that's OK. It requires a certain amount of courage and confidence. But if you want a sexting starter pack, try out one of these lines. It might take your relationship to another level, or at least seriously surprise your significant other.

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