Lifestyle — What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Having Sex
by Rebecca Jones

Has it been a while since you got some?

It's well-known having an active sex life leads to several health benefits, but did you know abstaining from sex can actually be bad for you?

A nonexistent sex life can affect you both physically and mentally. Less bladder control, depression and erectile dysfunction are just some of the side effects you may experience if you resist getting busy.

For those of you leading sexually active lives, keep up the good work! You're healthier than the rest.

According to several researchers, those hooking up two to three times a week experience a slew of benefits, including boosts in mood, lower blood pressure, better immune systems, less stress and improved intimacy in their relationships.

For those who are single, going through breakups or in relationships that are stale in the bedroom, hang in there. Dry spells happen to the best of us, and it's up to you to break the spell and get physical again.

Watch the video above for some motivation to get down (and dirty), and be safe!

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