If You & Your Partner Want To Start A Workout Routine Together, These 5 Moves Are Perf

There's nothing better than working out with your SO. After all, if you don't love me at my sweatiest and most beet-red, then you don't deserve me at my freshly showered and non-panting, right? If you're just starting to get into the swing of a fitness routine in 2019, why not try out some couples workouts for beginners? These bad boys will allow you and bae to challenge one another and move your bodies, all while spending quality time together. What could be better?

"Nothing says 'we’re in this together' like a workout for two," John-Francis Kennedy, training specialist at Freeletics, tells Elite Daily over email. "A partner workout can increase accountability, keep the workout level high, and lead to better results."

Plus, according to Kennedy, partner workouts also give you a different kind of boost in terms of motivation, because you're spending some quality time with one of your favorite people, and you're connecting with one another on a whole different level. And, if you ask me, there's nothing sexier than strengthening your relationship by doing something that benefits both yours and your SO's mental and physical health.

So, the next time you and your partner have a bit of free time around the house, challenge each other to these five couples workouts — don't worry, they're all beginner-friendly, y'all.

Partner Wall-Sits
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If you and your partner are looking to strengthen those glutes, Eliza Nelson, ACE-certified personal trainer, nutrition expert, and orthopedic exercise specialist, has a great suggestion. "Sit about three feet apart with your backs against the walls and your quads parallel to the ground," Nelson explains. "Take turns passing a medicine ball back and forth, twisting to each side as you perform ab twists, all while keeping your lower body squatting against the wall."

Feel. The. Burn.

The "Mirror Me" Workout
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Andy Petranek, co-founder of Whole Life Challenge, tells Elite Daily that this workout is perfect if you want to lock eyes with your partner the whole way through — hey, some people are into that, you know?

Try this one every minute on the minute for 10 minutes total, says Petranek: Start with both of you facing each other in a push-up position, and one of you will kick things off by doing push-ups for 30 seconds while the other stays in the starting push-up position. "Scale the position as needed (on knees, elevated hands on a couch, against a wall, etc.)," suggests Petranek. "Each person stays in the position while the other does his/her push-up."

You'll be doing this for the entire workout — one of you will do push-ups for 30 seconds while the other remains in the starting push-up position, then you'll switch, and you'll keep doing that for 10 minutes. It'll be a tough one, so don't forget to cheer each other on!

"The Streetlight Shuffle"

"This is a great one for city-dwellers," says Petranek. "Pick a route and distance using a free tool like Plot a Route. You and your partner [will] head out to the sidewalk in front of your house." Then, he explains, one of you will run (or walk) as fast as possible toward the closest streetlight. Once you get to the light, stop, and your partner will then run (or walk) as fast as possible to that same streetlight.

Try it 'til the two of you are totally out of breath and feeling accomplished AF.

The No-Lose Relay Race

There aren't any losers here, but there can still be a bit of healthy competition between you and your SO, right?

"Use the front edge of your front yard (or the sidewalk) as your relay race distance. Modify if needed," suggests Petranek.

According to the fitness expert, this is a standard relay race format: "Start together. At GO, one person runs (or walks fast) to the target spot and performs the exercise required (see a few exercise options listed below)," he explains. "When finished with the reps, that person runs back and tags partner number two."

Partner number two (aka bae) then does the exact same thing. The goal is to finish the race one, two, or three times through, as fast as possible, says Petranek. And as for some exercise options for when you reach the target spot, the trainer recommends doing 10 squats, 10 lunges, 20 flutter kicks, or 20 sit-ups (or crunches).

The 50 Pyramid Workout
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This workout will kick you and your partners' booties to the curb, if you're up for the challenge.

"I love this circuit for couples because it can be done together anywhere — in their basement, backyard, a local park, or the beach if you're lucky enough to have one nearby," Chrissa Benson, founder of the blog Physical Kitchness, tells Elite Daily over email. "The workout requires no equipment, so all you need is yourself [and your partner]."

It's an easily customizable workout, but here's how the whole thing generally goes: You start with 50 reps of one workout — maybe make it a relatively simple one so you don't burn out right away, you know? Then, your next set will be 40 reps of different workout, followed by 30 reps of another exercise, then 20, 10, and finally, five reps of an exercise. Then, you start back up immediately, but you begin with the five-rep workout, and build your way up to the 50-rep workout. To make this a couples workout, one of you can start with the 50 reps and make your way to five, then the other can start at five and build to 50.

According to Benson, the pyramid aspect in this workout makes it the perfect routine to do with bae. "Motivate one another by counting out loud together and cheering each other on," she suggests. "Say something motivational to your partner in between the two sets to help them crush the second half."