5 People Reveal What Makes Them Proud To Be With Their Female Partner

Cute queer-girl love stories are necessary to spread the gay joy and for younger queer women to have positive representation. While growing up in the '90s, queer-girl love stories were not necessarily broadly available, as Disney princesses always found their princes, and WiFi wasn't totally a thing yet (read: no following your fave gays on Instagram). Now, you can read about the best things about dating a woman all over the internet. From Portia de Rossi giving her wife Ellen DeGeneres the most thoughtful birthday gift ever to the ever-present street-style goals of girlfriends Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell, today there are more ways for young queer girls to hear about successful relationships between women than ever before.

While I'm still waiting for Disney to announce that Elsa from Frozen is actually a lesbian, there are plenty of real queer-girl love stories everywhere. Keep reading for cute stories that'll surely make your heart melt into gush and make you want to find your own girlfriend, like, yesterday. From one person holding her girlfriend's hand for the first time and feeling safe, to another assisting her girlfriend in the soup kitchen she runs, these stories will make even the biggest love skeptic feel a thing or two.

She makes every person feel important.

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Theresa, 24, loves not only how her girlfriend makes her feel, but how she makes other people feel.

"She makes me feel safe. Comforted. Like the admittedly dumb things I complain about are validated. Even more, she makes everyone she interacts with feel the same way — like what they're saying is the most important thing in the world," she tells Elite Daily. "Every day, I feel in awe to be with someone who can motivate others to be better, just by being herself. She's also going to murder me for writing this, which I think makes me even more proud, as it's a testament to how #humble she is."

She's easy to talk to and laugh with.

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Wilde*, 23, spent hours in an Italian restaurant on an early date with now-girlfriend Winslow*, 25. On their date, the two were talking for so long that they lost track of time.

"We conversed about everything from our dreams, to literature, to our relationships with our siblings, until the waiter actually had to ask us to leave because the restaurant was closing," Wilde tells Elite Daily. "We both laughed uncontrollably at the fact that we were the last ones in sight and literally had no idea. It really felt like no one else existed. Even months later, I feel similarly in her presence. I don’t think I knew what it truly felt like to be seen and heard in a romantic relationship until I met her."

She feels safe.

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"I remember holding her hand in public for the first time and sweating so much because I was so nervous," Katie, 25, tells Elite Daily. "It was the first time I was holding hands with a girl, period. But then, our fingers interlocked, she smiled at me, and I truly felt on top of the world. I was proud to walk down the street and have everyone know I was hers."

She has a similar experience.


Alex, 20, is constantly amazed by the artwork her girlfriend, Fiona, 20, makes. Also, in January, Fiona nursed Alex back to health when Alex had the flu — something Alex did not expect at all.

"There are a lot of superficial great things, like we're the same size in clothing, or we don't care if the other shaves/wears makeup," Alex, 20, tells Elite Daily. "But mostly, I think it's comforting to date someone with an experience like your own. Like if either of us have a bad self-image day, the other knows exactly what that's like, and we do whatever we can to help. There's a lot of tenderness and love that comes with dating another woman."

She helps out even when she's super busy herself.

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"I run a soup kitchen, and even though Emily [32] works crazy work weeks, she gets up bright and early to help me feed hungry folks," Cassidy, 24, tells Elite Daily. "She does dishes after we serve them, and brings a smile to all the other volunteers."

*Name has been changed.

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