5 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon For Your BFF That Perfectly Fit Her Personality

by Tessa Harvey

'Tis the prime time to get some holiday shopping done, am I right, ladies? Each day we get closer to Christmas gets us more excited and more festive (no, I haven't worn Christmas socks for the past three days or anything...), but it also gets us hella down to the wire. Christmas shopping can be fun and games, but you may find yourself stressed TFO when you don't know what to buy and you don't have time to order anything. Shipping times are awful this time of year, and once we've entered the 10-day out time period, it gets way more difficult. Fortunately, the Internet has granted us with many giving gestures — including two-day Amazon Prime shipping. If you're running out of time, you always know you can look for the best Christmas gifts on Amazon for your bestie.

Amazon is one of my favorite places for shopping for my best friends. You can find pretty much anything and everything, so you're guaranteed to choose a gift that works perfectly for your person. Is she a bookworm by heart? Easy. Does she have her eye on the latest and greatest in the tech world? No problem. Skincare fanatic? Amazon's your place.

Don't fret over what to get for your bestie this Christmas. These five Amazon gifts are too good to pass up. You'll want them for yourself, too.

If She Loves All Things Tech

Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) powered by Dolby, $80, Amazon

So maybe she's obsessed with all of the latest products in the tech world. She loves her laptop, phone, and maybe even her iPad, and she's been looking to add some new tech in her life.

The Amazon Echo (or even the Echo Dot, if this one's a little pricey), is the perfect gift for her. She'll love setting it up to play her music and control the lights in her apartment.

If She's An Avid Traveler Always On The Go

Burt's Bees Essential Everyday Beauty Gift Set, $10, Amazon

This is for the bestie who just can't stay in one place for a long time. Maybe she has an exciting vacation coming up, or maybe her work sends her all across the country on various business trips. Whatever she's traveling for, she'll appreciate this little pack of essentials. It's Burt's Bees, so you know it'll smell great, and to save space, it'll be small enough to fit in her carry on bag.

If She's All About That Bath Bomb Life

Bath Bomb Gift Set, $20, Amazon

If she loves her pampering time and spends her Sunday evenings face-masking and prepping her weekly skincare routine, you know she'll get good use out of these vegan essential oil bath bombs. Who doesn't like an excuse to soak in the tub with a good book and glass of wine?

If She's A True Karaoke Queen

PopSolo Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone and Speaker, $30, Amazon

If karaoke is one of her passions, this fun gift was meant for her. Let's be real here, your main girl is the one in the group who always drags you all to sing Spice Girls at the local bar every Friday night. She knows a good party is a good time as long as she's with her best girls, and she'll never let you sit a good night out. This gift has her name on it, trust me.

If She's A Total Wino

Fontana Wine Kits, $40, Amazon

We all have that friend who's either's a wine snob, or she'll take whatever wine she can get, in any form (relatable). She'll love getting to make her own wine — but she may not love that it takes 28 days. Maybe it'll teach her some patience along the way, and she'll learn about what goes into her favorite beverage of choice.