5 Awful Things That Happened While On Vacation With A Partner, According To 5 Guys


A couples' trip is supposed to be an opportunity to get away, relax, and enjoy time with your partner. So why is it that there are so many couples' vacation horror stories? These five awful things that happened on vacation are super unfortunate, but at least they're providing entertainment years later. Because I feel so bad about these guys' vacation experiences, I'll start off the article by sharing a cringeworthy story of my own.

In college, I went to visit my then-boyfriend's parents over winter break. We'll call him Ron*. His dad had given him some pot, but his mom didn't know either of them smoked. Ron didn't have a grinder, so he was looking for scissors to help him break up the weed. His mom came upstairs, and he literally hid this giant piece of weed behind his back. Obviously she was like, "What is that you're holding?" so he sheepishly showed her. They excused themselves to have a long talk, and I'm 99 percent sure the pot was blamed on me. Based on the way she acted for the rest of the trip, Ron's mom clearly thought I had corrupted her son — when in reality, it was a family operation.

If my experience isn't scary enough for you, here are five mishaps that happened to guys who went on vacation with their partners.

This guy's partner neglected to tell him some vital information.


This guy is literally the reason why they post "Caution: Shallow" signs.


I'm going to need some more details here.


This guy's story is the definition of the worst case scenario.


For this guy, introducing his girlfriend to his parents led to an intense situation.

— Evan, 28

Keep these experiences in mind the next time you jet off with your SO. You want to bring home a souvenir from vacation, not a horror story.

*Name has been changed.

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