8 Vacation Horror Stories From Women Who Traveled With Their Significant Others


About two years ago, I went on a couples' trip to Tobago, a small Caribbean island that I'd visited every year with my parents when I was younger. It's hands-down one of my favorite places to be in the entire world so when my best friend and I both happened to be in relationships at the same time, I jumped at the chance to go as a foursome. Little did I know, this would be the source of bizarre vacation horror stories I would tell for years to come.

My best friend and my boyfriend shot snide remarks at each other the entire time we were there, making it almost impossible to enjoy group activities. In fact, they waged war on each other long before we even boarded our flight since they both had scheduling conflicts and felt that the other person should have readjusted their plans. To make things worse, my best friend was dating another close friend of mine at the time, putting him in the incredibly awkward position of having to choose sides. By the last day of our trip, no one was on speaking terms and we each sat several feet apart on the beach (yes, I have embarrassing photos to prove it). My best friend and I haven't been in contact since.

Much like my own disastrous island adventure, these eight women's vacation horror stories will definitely have you reconsidering any upcoming travels with your partner.

This is why you should never be afraid to travel alone.


- Novah11

Luckily, this woman got her romantic trip to France after all.


- Alect0

At least, these two were in it together.


- ChibiNinja0

This woman went the distance but was it worth it?


- Caitlionator

This is my nightmare.


- milk_bone

Wow. This guy.


- k1-p1

This woman learned a valuable lesson.


- ScimitarJane

This is why you should choose a travel buddy wisely.


- HermineSGeist

The next time you get the urge to jet across the globe with your partner, maybe try a quick weekend getaway first to test things out.

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