2020's Biggest Makeup Trends Will Spark Your Inner Creative

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I've been brainstorming my New Year's Eve makeup look for months, so it's only fitting that I spend December looking forward to next year's most popular looks. Luckily, all the 2020 makeup trends predicted to be big next year are creative and bold, so it's safe to say there'll be no shortage of full-glam selfies to 'Gram. To get the scoop on exactly what you'll be seeing a lot of, I talked to professional makeup artist and Maybelline brand ambassador Jenna Kristina, and she broke down a bevy of trends you'll want to start trying ASAP.

If you went all in on Euphoria glam in 2019, prepare for a slight shift, but fear not — creative colors, neon liners, and fun shapes are going to be huge. Start perfecting your cut crease and stock up on colored eyeliner, and if you must add a face gem or two, do your thing. As for lips, the return of the red lip has come, and the classic hue will become a staple appropriate enough for everyday wear. Lastly, 2020 glam is all about skin that looks like skin, so lay off the heavy contour and glittery highlighter and look for luminous liquid and cream formulas instead. For more deets, read on for all the 2020 makeup inspo you could ask for, plus Kristina's application tips.

Less Maddie, More Jules

Sophie Sahara/WWD/Shutterstock

Towards the end of 2019, nothing was cooler than loading up on face gems for a Maddie from Euphoria-inspired full beat. There's no doubt that the rhinestone trend will still thrive in early 2020, but expect many makeup-lovers to start channeling Jules more frequently. The character's key looks included splashes of watercolor hues, dainty graphic liner, and unique color combinations you won't find in your go-to neutral palette. Tons of Jules-like looks were spotted at Spring/Summer 2020 shows, including the above yellow glam for Anna Sui. "Remember to keep the drama to one part of the face," Kristina exclusively tells Elite Daily, "If you’re doing washes of color on the eyes then keep the lip neutral.”

ColourPop's Crème Gel Liner ($34, Colourpop) comes in a gorgeous array of shades, and periwinkle "Prance" would definitely get Jules' seal of approval:

Death of the Highlight


Just like the above model from J.W. Anderson's Spring/Summer 2020 show, more and more people will be opting for fresh, luminous skin in the new year. Toss out your chunky, glittery highlighters and opt for glossy shine instead. Oh, and don't forget to drink water and focus on skincare; you can fake a glow with glam, but taking care of your skin is key.

While you wait for your skincare to give you a glow from within, try the Beautyblender Glass Glow Shinelighter Crystal Clear Highlighter ($25, Sephora) for a glossy, wet-look sheen:

And when it comes to bronzer, skip the powder and reach for a luminous liquid-gel formula such as the Chantecaille Radiance Gel Bronze ($44, Chantecaille):

Sharp Eyes & Cut Creases

Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Snatched eyes are a thing, and 2020's sharp shapes and defined cut creases are proof. "For cut creases, I sometimes will draw the line on the lid with a soft colored eyeliner so I have a baseline to start from," says Kristina, "then, I can start to apply the color on top." If you're skipping the cut crease but still want to sharpen up lines, Kristina has a hack for that, too. “To keep my lines sharp I really love using pointed Q-tips and micellar water," she shares.

If you really foresee cut creases as your unofficial lewk for 2020, consider snagging the Revolution Beauty Cut Crease Canvas ($9, Revolution Beauty), with a brush applicator that makes defined lines even easier:

Return of Red Lips


Why do we tend to reserve our red lipsticks specifically for the holiday season? In 2020, expect to see bold red lips sported on a regular basis, especially with an otherwise fresh face, as seen above on a model at the Prabal Gurung Spring/Summer 2020 show. If you're wondering the best way to make a red lip last, Kristina has the key. "Apply the lipstick, pat it with a tissue, and then tap translucent loose powder over it and apply again," she advises. "This really helps the lipstick stay and gives you lasting power.”

Kristina's number one pick? "Maybelline's Made For All by Color Sensational Lipstick in 'Red for Me' ($5, Target) has been rigorously tested on 50 diverse skin tones, and it stays true to color on everyone," she says.

Bright Liner

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Yup, expect to see even more neon in 2020. Winged liner will be making a major comeback, but especially when worn in vibrant shades. The model above from Helmut Lang's Spring/Summer 2020 show proves a neon green looks crisp and cool on the eyes, while models at the Pamella Rolland Spring/Summer 2020 show even sported stark white cat eye flicks. “When using a neon eyeliner, I always recommend keeping the rest of your makeup look clean and simple," advises Kristina. "Choose neutral hues for eyeshadow and don’t be afraid of mascara! I really like pairing a chunky lash with a neon liner to keep it cool and a bit funky," she says.

No need to splurge on vibrant shades the NYX Vivid Brights Liner ($7, NYX Cosmetics) gets the job done flawlessly:

If you're afraid of bright colors when it comes to your makeup, except 2020 to be the year that finally inspires you to go bold. Start trying these trends now so you've got them on lock by the time the New Year's ball drops!