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47 Insta Captions For Your Tennis Outfits & Serving Up This Sweet Look

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It’s a lot more fun capturing cute content for the 'gram when you’re really feelin' your outfit. Set yourself up for even more likes with a caption that fits the vibe. The next time you're wearing a tennis skirt and your favorite crewneck sweater, snap away and pair your fave pics with any of these Instagram captions for tennis outfits.

If you've been scrolling on Instagram and Pinterest lately, you'll notice this sweet and preppy style has taken over your feeds. You can dress it up or down, and you'll want to be prepared with the right words for your new favorite fall look.

Whether you're on or off the court, you can rest assured you'll be serving #looks in your cute mustard-colored sweatshirt ($69, and coordinating biker shorts ($48, Set up your camera on the ground for a low-angle shot tying your white sneakers or posing with a tennis racquet.

For another Instagram opp, you can have your partner or bestie snap action shots of you on the court in your favorite tennis dress ($75, Or, you could rock a collared shirt, a crewneck sweater, a plaid tennis skirt ($19,, and combat boots. Get a Boomerang as you twirl around in the crunchy leaves.

The picture opportunities are endless. And just like a cute headband can tie together this entire lewk, any of these 47 tennis outfit Instagram captions will wrap up your post.

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1. "On and off the court, I'm winning."

2. "Life is better on the court."

3. "Just serve it."

4. "Game. Set. Match."

5. "I still haven't met my match yet."

6. "I refuse to lose."

7. "Serving this lewk with a smile."

8. "All my love to you."

9. "Still trying to make fetch happen."

10. "Serving up this look today."

11. "I got my crew right here."

12. "If it's cute, I want to wear it."

13. "Felt cute. Might play a little tennis later."

14. "It all begins with love."

15. "Serve it up."

16. "Does Ralph Lauren need a new model?"

17. "You be you. I'll be me."

18. "Work hard so you can shop harder."

19. "You spin me right round, baby." — Dead or Alive, "You Spin Me Round"

20. "Ready, set, glow."

21. "Making too much racquet."

22. "Serving up some sweetness."

23. "In my white sneaks."

24. "Preppy mode on."

25. "Welcome to the winner's corner."

26. "If life gives you lemons, pray they are Lulu."

27. "Don't lose your fire."

28. "I think I won the #OOTD award."

29. "Set yourself up for success with a [fire emoji] outfit."

30. "OK, let's do this."

31. "Queen of the court."

32. "This outfit was a good call."

33. "I'm nicer when I like my outfit."

34. "Stay classy."

35. "We never go out of style." — Taylor Swift, "Style"

36. "Having a ball."

37. "Life is too short to wear boring clothes."

38. "A latte would really go with this outfit."

39. "Dressing like a champion."

40. "Stress doesn't really go with this outfit."

41. "This outfit is really working out for me."

42. "Sweeter than pumpkin pie."

43. "I'm going to stand outside, so if anyone asks, I'm outstanding."

44. "Feelin' sweet from my head to my toes."

45. "I came to win."

46. "Smiles are always in fashion."

47. "To pop my collar or not pop my collar? That is the question."

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