A young woman wearing a green sweatshirt opens up the window of a tent while backyard camping.

These Captions For Backyard Camping Will Totally Get You Campfired Up

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If you ever pitched a tent in your backyard as a kid and invited your BFFs over for a night of endless laughing, gooey s'mores, and little sleep, then you know backyard camping can be a true adventure. Like the countless trips you've taken abroad, this experience can make you feel well-traveled and content with your wanderlust — despite being steps away from your door. As an adult, you'll definitely want to gather captions for backyard camping before you head outside with your good vibes and gear.

After all, you're likely an active user of social media now and will want to show your followers what you're up to. You'll want to show off the lights you set up around your tent to make it look more Instagram-worthy and the reusable picnic plates you purchased for the occasion. If you choose to deck out the trunk of your car and turn it into a cozy spot to sleep for a night, then you'll want to capture your entire process of laying out the pillows and blankets, too.

TBH, the best way to share your experience may be to utilize the "select multiple" feature and do a hefty camera roll dump. That way, you're able to share your perfectly-grilled hot dogs, fire-making skills, and the view of the treetops in your backyard all in one post. Add one of these funny, clever, or cute captions for backyard camping to that post and wrap up your "trip" in a few words.

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1. "Hey, MTV. Welcome to my personal campground."

2. "Take s'more adventures in your backyard."

3. "When life gives you a backyard, go camping in it."

4. "I would give this adorable tent five stars on Yelp."

5. "Finally making use of this fire pit we bought last summer."

6. "Just a couple of happy backyard campers."

7. "Summer forecast: 100% chance of s'mores and sunshine."

8. "Gone camping in my backyard. Be back later."

9. "Sleeping under the stars tonight."

10. "Roommates who pitch a tent together, stay together."

11. "Big fan of backyard camping and telling ghost stories."

12. "Sorry for what I said about camping. This is actually lit."

13. "Practicing my fire-making skills for when I'm on 'Survivor.'"

14. "I've never met a view of the treetops I didn't like."

15. "Backyard camping means being steps away from a pantry filled with extra marshmallows."

16. "Normally I like camping in a national park, but this will do just fine."

17. "Anything can be an adventure if you want it to be."

18. "I mustard you a question: burger or hot dog?"

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19. "Who knew there is a perfectly good campsite in my backyard?"

20. "Brought our mattress outside so we can soak up the summer vibes."

21. "I swear some of the best destinations aren't far from home."

22. "Lovin' the backyard camping life."

23. "Go wherever the WiFi connection is weak, even if that's your backyard."

24. "Backyard camping camera roll dump."

25. "It's wild how you don't have to go far to feel like you've traveled the world."

26. "The best days of my life include a campfire and a s'more."

27. "When in doubt, make your backyard look like your island in 'Animal Crossing' and go camping."

28. "Making summer memories one campfire at a time."

29. "Things I'm grateful for: trees that are perfectly spaced apart so I can set up my hammock."

30. "Enter this weekend under outdoorsy moments I'll never forget."

31. "I'm the CEO of decorating my car's trunk to be a dreamy sleeping spot."

32. "Sleep tight, and don't let the mosquitos bite."

33. "This place wasn't on my bucket list, but I'd definitely come back."

34. "The world can still be a wildly beautiful place."

35. "Gave my backyard an outdoorsy makeover, and these are the results."

36. "Save me a spot next to the campfire, OK?"

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37. "All packed up with only my backyard to go."

38. "Excuse me, where's the gift shop?"

39. "Only one marshmallow was burned in the making of this photo."

40. "My dog has been living for the day when I'd say, 'Want to go backyard camping?'"

41. "Kiddie pools, pitched tents, and lots of fresh air."

42. "It's called a DIY campsite."

43. "She's pretty campfired up about this backyard excursion."

44. "It was a real hike from my kitchen to get here."

45. "Into the backyard we go."