41 Dope Products On Amazon With Near-Perfect Reviews


Sometimes it pays to live life on the wild side. To some, that means buying a $5 back scratcher when there's only $6 in your bank account. Sometimes it's telling someone in a job interview you're absolutely proficient in Photoshop. And while these risks can sometimes come with rewards, occasionally it can be better to take the safe route — like when you're shopping online and don't want to waste money paying for shipping back any returns.

Enter: Amazon.

Not only are there hundreds of Amazon products with five-star ratings, but anytime you try to write a review, Amazon makes sure that you've not only linked a credit card with your account, but have also made a purchase. This ensures that there aren't dozens of fake reviews from competitors trying to discredit other products, and that all the highly-rated products on Amazon are loved because they're genuinely quality products.

And when I say these products have near-perfect reviews, I mean it — from a biotin shampoo that helps promote hair growth to a total-body support pillow with tons of four- and five-star reviews, you really can't go wrong with any of the items in this slideshow. And reviewers promise you won't, either.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to get clicking.

The Tea Bag Organizer That Saves You Space

Keeping your tea in the box it comes in can take up a lot of precious storage space, so try using the YouCopia tea bag organizer instead. This handy organizer can store and organize over 100 tea bags and comes with 12 clear, removable bins that make it easy to see what's inside without having to empty them out. You can also use this organizer as a display case for your teas on any countertop, and there is zero assembly required.

A Face Wash Made With Real Coconut Oil

It doesn't matter if your skin is sensitive, oily, or somewhere in-between — the Alaffia coconut face wash can be used on all skin types to remove any impurities and makeup. Made with virgin coconut oil, this face wash helps maintain your skin's moisture levels so that your skin isn't left feeling dry once it's been cleansed, and the formula itself is completely free from any parabens, sulfates, or dyes.

The Fabric Shaver With A Built-In Lint Roller

Why buy both a fabric shaver and lint roller when the Adkwse fabric shaver can do both? This handy device not only has a built-in lint roller that comes pre-loaded with sticky paper, but the fabric shaver will de-pill all your expensive sweaters. The adjustable rotary blades ensure you can customize how close of a shave you're getting — and, it's completely cordless and rechargeable.

A Fun Party Game That Up To 20 People Can Play At A Time

With each game containing 500 cards, it's nearly impossible to play the same Utter Nonsense: Naughty Edition twice — and since you can play with up to 20 players those chances are even slimmer. It's similar to Apples to Apples: one player judges the entire round, but for this game, the other players must combine their cards to make the most ridiculous phrases in order to win. And with 81 percent positive four- and five-star reviews, it's clear this game is considered a winner by Amazon reviewers.

The Blanket That Wicks Away Moisture — Or Keeps You Warm While Traveling

When you're not using the Cocoon CoolMax blanket, it folds into a small, included pouch. When you are using it, it's warm but breathable, and even wicks away moisture to help ensure you stay the perfect temperature while traveling or camping. Many Amazon reviewers even noted how it's actually "quite large" when unfolded.

A Cooling Facial Spray Infused With Green Tea And Cucumber

Just mist this Mario Badescu facial spray onto your neck and face as needed, and the aloe vera and green tea will help hydrate your complexion — all while giving your skin a nourishing boost of antioxidants. The added cucumber also helps to tone and smooth your skin, and there's even peppermint essential water that helps cool down any inflammation or redness.

The Handy Blade Sharpener That Fits Right In Your Pocket

The Smith's pocket sharpener is, as the name states, pretty small: It also features carbide blades and a tapered, round diamond-coated rod that allow you to sharpen both serrated as well as standard edge knives. There's even a convenient lanyard hole in case you want to keep it with your keys, and the sharpening angles are all pre-set, so you won't have to worry about making adjustments.

A Pillow That Supports Your Back And Spine

Filled with natural buckwheat hulls that make this pillow firm yet pliable, the Peace Yoga meditation pillow is a great option for anyone who finds their back getting sore after sitting upright for long periods of time. You can use it to help support your spine during yoga poses, when exercising, meditating, or even simply sitting in a chair — and the crescent design means you can easily tuck your feet underneath for added comfort.

The Ice Pack That Contours To The Shape Of Your Neck

Unlike traditional ice packs, the Arctic Flex neck ice pack is flexible and pliable — allowing you to comfortably drape it over your shoulders and neck whenever they're feeling sore or overheated (even when it's completely frozen). This ice pack is also microwaveable, and the latex-free vinyl construction is safe even for people who have sensitive skin. It's tear- and split-resistant, too.

A Set Of Flexible Beakers That Come With Their Own Lids

Whereas measuring cups can easily tip over and spill, the Chef'n measuring beaker set comes with secure lids for each beaker — allowing you to not only store ingredients inside, but also prevent any accidental spills while you cook. The flexible beakers can be pinched to create a spout for convenient pouring, and because they're made with both nylon and silicone they're also heat-resistant up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit. They're stain-resistant, too.

The Nourishing Facial Oil Made With Jojoba And Argan Oils

Made with a nourishing blend of argan, jojoba, sweet almond, bergamot, rose geranium, jasmine, and rose hip oil, the Amaki facial essential oil is a nourishing addition to your skincare or hair routine. It can add shine to hair ends and help smooth out split ends, it can strengthen nails, and works to brighten the under eye area. The light floral scent can even relieve stress, too.

A Space Heater That You Can Take Anywhere

Whereas traditional space heaters only warm up your area, the Fitfirst ceramic space heater can also be used as a fan that blows natural air, helping you to keep cool when the weather is warm. The automatic shut-off helps prevent it from overheating, and it can even rotate 45 degrees left and right to help distribute the heat evenly through the room. And because it's small and lightweight, it's perfect for use in cubicles, offices, and more.

The Professional Tweezers Made With Stainless Steel

Whether you're removing ingrown hairs or shaping eyebrows, Tweezer Guru's ingrown hair tweezers have precision-aligned tips that allow a perfect pluck every time. The tip of these tweezers are made from durable stainless steel that's resistant to rust, and the tension between each prong is even calibrated so you have increased control that makes your tweezing experience stress-free.

An LED Strip Light With 16 Different Colors To Choose From

These PANGTON VILLA LED strip lights are an innovative way to save your eyesight and add some excitement to a living room. They can light up each side of any television up to 60 inches — which helps reduce the strain on your eyes when watching movies in the dark, and there are 16 different colors to choose from using the included remote. These lights even have a built-in dimmer.

The Foam Roller That Helps Relieve Sore Muscles All Over

Unlike many foam rollers that lose their shape after repeated use, the 321 STRONG foam roller has a lightweight, solid core that won't collapse under pressure. The triple-grid 3-D massage zones work to mimic the way actual hands feel on your body: Great for athletes and casual muscle soreness alike, this roller helps increase the blood flow to your muscles and flush away lactic acid, helping to soothe away stubborn pain.

A Drying Rack That's Completely Rust-Proof

Made for use indoors and outdoors, the CRESNEL clothes drying rack is made from durable, rust-proof stainless steel, and can fold down when not in use to save you precious storage space (as well as make it easier to transport). The entire rack comes fully assembled so that there's no complicated set-up required, and one reviewer writes: "Love my drying rack. It's sturdy and still light. Folds flat to fit in between my washer and the wall when not in use, easy to bring outside in nice weather."

The Plastic Bags That Are 100 Percent Compostable

Whether you're scooping poop, collecting compost, or simply in the market for a plastic bag that won't pollute the environment, the UNNI compostable bags are right up your alley. Each order comes with 50 bags made from plant starches that make them extra eco-friendly, and one Amazon reviewer even raved that it's "nice to have a product that is not only biodegradable, but does not fall apart on you," like other eco-friendly options can do.

An Ice Cream Maker That Does The Work For You

Having to constantly shake-shake-shake to get your ice cream is deceptively tiring, so try using the Nostalgia electric ice cream maker instead — and save yourself the upper-body fatigue. It features a see-through lid so you know exactly when your ice cream is done without having to interrupt the churning process, and the motor even locks into place so that all the parts remain secure. Each order comes with a recipe manual, and the entire unit is completely BPA-free.

The Handy Gadget That Boosts Your Wi-Fi Signal

If you find that your Wi-Fi gets spotty in different parts of your home, try boosting the signal using the Coredy miniature Wi-Fi extender. This handy gadget is compatible with Alexa and other smart home devices, and installation is simple — just plug it in, then press the WPS button to improve your signal. Plus, there are also two ethernet ports so that you can connect wired devices.

A Fast-Acting Spray That Relieves Joint And Muscle Pain

Whether you've got sore muscles, tired joints, or even back pain, the Biofreeze pain relief spray can soothe away stubborn pain and quickly provide immediate relief. Safe to use all over your body, it's free from any parabens or propylene, and since the canister will still spray even when it's upside down it's especially friendly for anyone who suffers from arthritis. One reviewer writes: "I use this every time for every muscle/knee ache from running a half marathon to just waking up with shoulder pain. It works so well...Also, I find that it feels like it immediately works because the cooling sensation is instant when it contacts your skin. It smells minty all over."

The Convenient Organizer That Hangs Right In Your Closet

Whether your closet doesn't have shelves or you're just trying to free up some space, the Simple Houseware hanging closet organizer is a great option to solve both problems. This organizer is designed to hang on any standard closet rod, and unlike other hanging closet organizers this one not only has five shelves, but also six mesh, side pockets where you can store shoes, accessories, and more.

A Shampoo That Helps Thicken Your Hair And Promote Growth

Formulated with vitamin B5, zinc, and coconut oil, the Maple Holistics biotin shampoo is rich in botanicals that work to remove any build-up in your hair and scalp — all while simultaneously stimulating blood circulation to encourage hair growth. Green tea extract and argan oil help keep your scalp's pH balanced, and one Amazon reviewer even raved: "I used this product as directed, and my hair loss stopped and actually began to regrow!"

The Vacuum With Attachments For Every Nook And Cranny

Unlike other handheld vacuums that run out of battery after just a few minutes of use, the Homasy handheld vacuum cleaner can run for up to 30 minutes when fully charged, and the 600-milliliter dust compartment ensures that you're not constantly stopping just to empty it out. This vacuum also comes with a variety of attachments so that you can get even the most awkward nooks and crannies in your home, and the included lithium battery is rated for a lifetime of up to 5 years.

A Pair Of Socks That Help Moisturize Dry, Cracked Feet

Dry, chapped feet are one of the hardest areas of the body to bring back moisture to — but the ARMSTRONG AMERIKA moisturizing socks are infused with a blend of vitamin E, minerals, and lotion to help hydrate your feet overnight. One size is designed to fit most, and you can even use them in conjunction with lotion to really smooth out the cracked, rough parts of the foot.

The Tear-Resistant Tent That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand

Made from tear-resistant, extra-thick mylar that reflects your body heat so that you stay warm while you're inside (or if you turn it inside-out, you can reflect heat away to keep yourself cool), this survival tent folds down to fit into the palm of your hand — making it perfect for camping or even an emergency kit. You can also use this tent as a sleeping bag or space blanket, and the industrial-strength paracord coupled with the reinforced seams ensure that this tent is made to last.

A Tiered Bowl That Takes Up Minimal Storage Space

Not only does it collapse and nest into itself to save you space when it's in storage, but the Masirs collapsible tier bowls are also great for serving chips, pretzels, candies, salads, and more. The top bowl is divided into three sections so that it can hold a variety of foods in one bowl (including dips) — and they're durable, too.

The Neti Inhaler Made With Himalayan Salt

If your nose is stuffed or you simply need a quick pick-me-up, try using the Urban ReLeaf neti inhaler. This small inhaler is made with pure Himalayan salt air along with essential oils in order to help relieve symptoms from asthma, colds, bronchitis, coughs, and even allergies. As long as you keep the cap tightly closed this inhaler can last for years at a time, and one Amazon reviewer described the blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, and tea tree essential oils as "invigorating."

A Vegan Body Lotion That Helps Combat Stubborn Acne

Made with vegan ingredients, the TreeActive body lotion also works to moisturize your skin while simultaneously combating stubborn acne on your shoulders, chest, legs, butt, back, and anywhere else you apply it. The salicylic acid and tea tree essential oil work to clear away acne — while the aloe, witch hazel, jojoba oil, and tamanu oil help to calm any irritated blemishes.

A Single-Serve Coffee Brewer That Fits Right Over Your Mug

It takes as little as 30 seconds to brew yourself a fresh cup of coffee using the Primula coffee brew buddy, which makes it exceptionally great for the office or for camping. This single-serve coffee brewer has a reusable mesh filter that can accommodate coffee grinds of all shapes and sizes, and the outer lid rim is designed to be able to fit most cups and mugs.

The Sleeping Pad That Folds Down To Fit In The Palm Of Your Hand

Designed to fold down into the palm of your hand so that it's extra-convenient to take with you when camping, the WellaX air sleeping pad has dozens of flexible air cells that simulate the feeling of a real spring mattress. The rip-stop nylon keeps it lightweight as well as durable, and the advanced inflation technology allows it to fully inflate with only six breaths.

A Wine Opener That's Electric

Instead of tiring out your forearms using a traditional wine opener, try using the Chefman electric wine opener — it makes things a cinch. The brilliant gadget features a stainless steel casing, as well as a blue LED light for added flair: Plus, each order includes a charging base that looks great in any kitchen. The built-in battery is also rechargeable, and it can even open up to 30 bottles of wine off one full charge.

The Pillow That Offers Total Body Support

Instead of surrounding yourself with mountains of pillows to try and get comfortable, make your life easier with the Moonlight Slumber total body support pillow. This U-shaped pillow helps to align your hips, neck, shoulders, and back, plus, the premium synthetic down is exceptionally breathable — with this product, you won't find yourself getting overheated at night. One Amazon reviewer even raved that the pillow's "extra support made my back pain completely disappear!"

A Pack Of Roll-On Bottles Made With Stainless Steel

Not only does the dark blue glass help preserve the integrity of whatever you choose to keep of it — it filters out UV rays — but the stainless steel ball used in the Vivaplex roll-on bottles is rust-resistant. Great for essential oils, blends, and perfumes, each order also comes with a miniature baster that makes it easy to transfer liquids without spilling.

The Baking Mat That Features Convenient Measurement Markings

Made from 100 percent food-grade silicone that's stain-proof, BPA-free, and stick-resistant, the LIMNUO silicone baking mat sets itself apart from other baking mats: It features measurement markings, so it's easy to measures out uniform pie crusts, pizzas, cookies, and more. This mat is also flexible so that you can use it to roll out or shape ingredients as needed, and it's completely BPA-free.

A Facial Cleanser That's Safe For All Skin Types

Made with natural ingredients like aloe vera, coconut water, and green tea extract, the InstaNatural facial cleanser is also formulated with vitamin C, which helps to clear up blemishes and unclog pores. It's also great for cleansing away dead skin cells so that your complexion is left looking bright, and it even helps fade the appearance of any unwanted sunspots. It's also safe to use with any skin types, including those that are more sensitive.

The Travel Case Designed To Keep Your Jewelry Organized

It's really easy for all your jewelry to become tangled while you're traveling, which is why the Teamoy jewelry travel case is so great — not only does it prevent your chains from becoming tangled, but the double-layer design helps keep your necklaces, rings, earrings, organized and easy to find. The divider is also removable, and it's sturdy enough to help prevent any damage.

A Cuticle Oil That Uses Vitamin E To Strengthen Your Nails

If you just can't seem to heal your cracked cuticles, try out the Bee Naturals cuticle oil. Made with tea tree essential oil and vitamin E to help heal and soften them — and the added lavender and lemon essential oils give it a light yet refreshing scent. The built-in applicator makes it easy to apply directly to the source, and one Amazon reviewer even raved that "I like that it will immediately improve your cuticle appearance, and over the long-term it seems to help the splitting!"

The Brush And Dustpan Set That Stands Alone For Easy Storage

Designed so that it can stand on its own for added convenience (plus, it even has a loop that you can use to hang it), the Full Circle mini brush and dustpan is made with earth-friendly bamboo and recycled plastic. The brush locks into the pan, so it takes up hardly any space when not in use.

A Relaxing Body Massage Oil Made With Sweet Almond And Lavender Oil

Cruelty- and paraben-free, the Brookethorne Naturals body massage oil is also made with sweet almond, grape seed, and jojoba oils — they'll work to moisturize your skin while you relax in the comfort of your own home. The scent from the added lavender oil also helps relieve stress after a long day, and the marjoram oil even has natural analgesic properties.

The Containers That Are Stackable To Save You Space

Sure you can use them to store art supplies and other smaller accessories, but because the lids on the Brabantia storage containers are airtight, they're exceptionally great for holding food and other ingredients. These containers are made with glass, and because you can stack them, you've got options when it comes to storing them. Each order comes with three different sizes: small, medium, and large.

An Eyebrow Pencil That Won't Fade Or Smudge

Whether it's raining or you accidentally rub your brows, the Blitzby liquid eyebrow pencil is formulated to stay in place without smudging, fading, or streaking. The four-tip design on this pencil makes it easy for both beginners and professionals alike to fill in your eyebrows with natural-looking strokes that mimic real hair — and it easily dissolves using any oil-based cleanser or makeup remover.

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